Swollen lymph nodes – an alarm signal?

swollen lymph nodes meaningful
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The mean really swollen lymph nodes

we suddenly notice small bumps on the neck, we easily get a fright: Infected disease behind it? We explain when swollen lymph nodes are harmless.

They enforce our whole body: 600 lentil to bean-sized bump that function like a water treatment plant. Thresholds at them, because they just fight invading pathogens, we do not see this often. Only the neck or in the armpits, where large accumulations of lymph nodes are, it falls to us when the nodules stand out clearly on the skin.

But rarely have swollen lymph nodes indicate a life-threatening disease. In more than 90 percent of the swollen lymph nodes tell us one thing: our body's own defense system is working at full speed. In general, there is an incipient infection that is particularly noticeable near the lymph nodes affected.

Thus swelling of the neck region often indicate indicate a tonsillitis, the flu or a cold, enlarged nodes under the arm can for example be a sign of a gland inflammation on the nipple (mastitis). These swellings we notice, as they are sensitive to pain on pressure. The swelling usually go back if the infection is cured.

The situation is different when larger lymph nodes, but otherwise no disease symptoms is. Because in rare cases, this indicates a cancer. Here, the enlargement increases but usually only slowly and the lymph nodes are painless.


our lymphatic system

The lymphatic system runs through a network our entire body. Under the skin are his finest vessels that unite towards midsection towards larger vessels. the lymph nodes sit at the crossing points. The largest concentrations of these nodes located under the armpits, neck, groin and abdomen. They are - in addition to bile, liver and spleen - to make pathogens or contaminants harmless.

By the system of lymph nodes and lymph webs, an aqueous bright yellow liquid which flows transported nutrients. They also discharged waste and pathogens to the lymph nodes. works better the lymph flows, the faster the body's detoxification and immune defense.


swollen neck

Lymph nodes are lentil to bean-sized nodules that contain immune cells. Especially many are located in the neck area. In tonsillitis, colds and other infections, the lymph nodes form to combat increasingly immune cells - and therefore swell to visible.


And if the swelling does not go away ...

If a clearly noticeable swelling of the lymph nodes after about two weeks persists for no apparent reason, doctors need to exclude a possible cancer. For this he studied with ultrasound for changes that may indicate tumors. In addition important for a backed up findings: By means of fine needle biopsy is taken with a cannula tissue from the lymph node and examined microscopically.


stimulate lymph flow - for a strong immune system

Gentle exercise such as tai chi, yoga, stretching, pilates, swimming or self-massage (see below) are perfect to stimulate lymph flow.

Set daily fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Drinking sufficient: Ideal 30 ml of still water per kilogram of body weight daily.


So you massage properly

Brush your skin daily for 5 to 20 minutes, ideally before showering. Make sure that the brush has natural bristles and to achieve a long, removable handle all parts of the body.

The dry brush massage (suitable brushes are available in the pharmacy) brings lymphatic system immediately up to speed: Start at the feet and legs brush up towards the hull. Brush the abdominal region circling in the gut course, that is clockwise. then continue with upward movements on the back.

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