Characteristics of Capricorn Zodiac properties: About the Capricorn zodiac – 22:12. to 1.20.

The Capricorn is the essence of the mountains for endurance and frugality. Which Zodiac properties account for Capricorn born, an astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Capricorn?

The Zodiac properties by Capricorn:

Your element: Earth as a primary substance of all life. The earth stands for structure, crystallization, strength, duration, eternity.

Your Ruling Planet: Saturn representing the truth and ruler of what is.

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That stands for the Cupped and Formative.

Her strengths: They are factual, objective, equitable, methodical, tough.

The ideal destinations for you: Capricorn babies feel in the cities of Munster, Moscow and Port Said well. They are fascinated by Albania, Afghanistan and Mexico. Particularly barren landscapes and mountains have it done to you.

your personal lucky charm : White Oak, Polar Bear, Laurel fragrance, Black Edelonyx.

The Capricorn in business:

How do the typical Capricorn Zodiac properties she in job ? Capricorns have a natural urge to get to the top. However, this is clearly only very few of them from the beginning. Rather, this engine uses almost unconsciously by or unnoticed: At each crossroads in his life of Capricorn selects those leads up, even if he is still so difficult. This corresponds exactly to his zodiac characteristics.

The stars say always a Capricorn, he still further, even higher should extend. This is in his blood. Work does not make him tired, more than doing nothing. I know Ibex no job exercise because they are much money have inherited. Among these, however, I do not know anyone who would be happy with it.

But now one can not imagine a Capricorn as ambitious and stressed hectic. On the contrary. According to his Zodiac properties he works precisely because it is his nature, tend to be much more transparent than others. He is even relaxed, rather Quiet even as a nerve-ridden man. Outsiders wonder that he so much (and usually also responsible and important) can do and still is cheerful and relaxed the way.


The Capricorn in love:

The assertion that the emotional life of a stone block women equal to that of an iceberg, comes in most cases of men , mainly those whose attempts to land with her, ended in a void. Usual posturing give these women namely all to ridicule. Deep within you the archaism of superior men being acts, and your visions are all women who either themselves made history or saw their men in theirs exactly on the fingers.

Who does not recognize this value and respected, learns your coldness and rejection. But who is before them, may enter into your dream from the Arabian Nights. Behind her thoughtful exterior hides a Serail boundless love and lust ; her cool flair proves to be absolute counterpoint her passionate inner glow. This woman it just in itself. Who is, however, more on appearance than on being, is with her at the wrong address.

Large, dreamy eyes gets the Capricorn woman when it comes to loyalty . If he's just a super-daddy who would go through thick and thin with her and without hesitation would be to her! He would forgive her everything, sometimes even the sensual escapades with another. Because in contrast to Capricorn-Man, the loyal partner of the entire zodiac, it is especially in matters of love also determines much of the moon and its Venus. They can even provided in a permissive character, such as contactors or Aquarius, stand and therefore drive to a more relaxed view of loyalty . Occasionally they also follows a double standard, takes himself out infidelities, but expects her partner that he is faithful as a rock at her, waiting for her until she has had enough of love with the other.

The Zodiac properties the Capricorn woman show: She is not born to stand in the shadow of a man. Rather, it is the opposite. But a weakling who can patronize endless, they also despised and even begins to harass him, just so he raises on his hind legs. He has no backbone, they might drop it. And separations takes it as anything else: fast and consistent. Wen it is true, which it perceives as hard and merciless. but it is certain that an uncompromising farewell easier eventually.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Capricorn?



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