Diether Thomas Kuhn brings out against Roland Kaiser and Guildo Horn

dieter thomas kuhn roland kaiser b Dieter Thomas Kuhn goes his own way.
Photo: imago / Andreas Weihs


"sing Föhnwelle" very confident

Confident you can call it - or arrogant. crooner Dieter Thomas Kuhn (47) is now revealed in an interview that what he really thinks about the competition - and did not really come off well.

Time for the start of his new album "Here life" Dieter Thomas Kuhn reports at "" in a interview to speak out and chatted there not only about music. Along the way he distributed small swipes give Roland Kaiser (60) and Guildo Horn (49).

Dieter Thomas Kuhn, which is very successful with the covers of pop music, refrained so far on songs by Roland Kaiser . "but I do not know exactly, so that's justified. If we really feel that the quality of the songs is not the real thing, or whether we just can not stand him"Quips Kuhn.

Guildo Horn, who actually appeals to a similar audience as Dieter Thomas Kuhn, feels the "Singing Föhnwelle" Kuhn not as competition. But at least it was with him "really always very nice",

This raises the question of what Dieter Thomas Kuhn has what Roland Kaiser and Guildo Horn not have. Competition yes revives actually the business. Dieter Thomas Kuhn simply unrivaled well? The proof, he can now compete. The new album is available in stores now.