Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen


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What a city! Copenhagen is just unique and beautiful. In addition to historic buildings is new architecture, near a Catholic church is the "sanctuary" Christiania - Copenhagen is full of contrasts and each time worth the trip.

Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen 

Getting Copenhagen

The most convenient way to get to Copenhagen by train. From Hamburg ICE runs in 4,5 hours directly to the Danish capital. By train you can ride relatively cheap with a Europe Special ticket for 39 euros per tour. Incidentally, there are a few trains that are as exciting as this: The complete ICE is loaded on the ship and the Fehmarn Baltic Sea geschippert to the Danish mainland. On the ferry, you can eat just anything (not recommended above) or simply caress your face the glorious sea breeze. Then it's again take the train to Copenhagen Central Station.

Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen 

accommodation Copenhagen

Anyone who thinks Copenhagen would benefit very much mistaken! Everything is expensive here! So if you do not want to spend all his money on accommodation, for which there is a good and cheap solution! The Omena Hotel Copenhagen is situated right one block from the main train station - so very central - and is small but nice. It is a self-service hotel. Means that there is no reception. When booking you get an opening code that you enter at the hotel entrance. The same code also opens the actual door. The premises are of course limited, but everything is there: table and chairs, bed, TV, bathroom - as the hotel has just opened last year, the furniture is also in a modern, neat condition. Who red loves the will like it here!

Omena Hotel Copenhagen, Colbjørnsensgade 5-11, Copenhagen

Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen 

Eating in Copenhagen

Living in Copenhagen is not very inexpensive culinary, but extremely tasty. For breakfast, go to the Café Europa (go here even the Copenhagen brunch). But who expected a lavish buffet that is wrong here. The breakfast is appointed as plate. One can choose between "Paris," "Copenhagen", "London" or "Berlin". are placed depending on the choice, yogurt with fruit, or alternatively with nuts and honey, cheese, sausage, salmon, fresh fruit, such as pineapple, grapefruit and melon, an egg and small rolls that you can reorder any time. All delicious, but strong guys probably still a little bit. Still, I liked wonderfully's. The atmosphere is like in a Parisian cafe, fidgety, dishes clattering and reading a newspaper - just alive.

Café Europa, Amagertorv 1, Copenhagen

My insider tip is the Italian Restaurant "Ristorante Italiano" - sounds boring but is the hammer. It comes in and feels just like in Italy. The smell, the decor, the music - everything is there wonderful and you never want to leave. The food is delicious and really fair for Copenhagen standards. Live music there on the weekends - so great that you want to dance. The pizza is rolled out of the brick oven deliciously crisp and thin, the calf in Cognac sauce delicate and a single poem.

Ristorante Italiano, Fiolstræde 2, Copenhagen

The culinary Anti-Tip: What you really could save the restaurant Grøften on the grounds of Tivoli. It is expensive and is more reminiscent of mass processing. The red cabbage was bland and the duck does not really crispy. Only downer: The fries - which were really good. Instead of sweet dessert there was for me a cheese plate, which made its name no honor: Plate sounds like a great choice - what I got were five small pieces bore cheese with counted olives and three Kräckerstangen - and that for the equivalent of nearly 16 euros! So do not touch!

Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen 

Shopping in Copenhagen

Those who come to Copenhagen, should in any case a visit to Abercrombie & Fitch make. Yes, of course, is very Mainstreaming - but before getting back annoys all friends to bring a clothes from the US, one can here just once shopping drauflos yourself ...

Købmagergade 11, Copenhagen

Who porcelain lovers can stop by Royal Copenhagen - there are sweet plates, cups and Co. to admire from the traditional manufacture. Everything not cheap, but a little reminder or a gift for mom is already inside.

Amagertorv 6, Copenhagen

Travelogue: We were in Copenhagen 

Things to Do in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, of course, sightseeing is top of the agenda. It's hard sometimes to filter the huge range of companies and within 2.5 days and accommodate. Therefore, we have limited ourselves to a few.

Who is clearly for the first time in Copenhagen who wants to see the famous Little Mermaid! We were lucky she was there and head and arms were also available. But surprise: she is so much smaller than always thought.

Den Lille Havfrue, Langelinie, Copenhagen

If you prefer a kitschy, which should go to Tivoli. Granted, for someone from Hamburg, who knows the Cathedral since childhood, this amusement park is rather nice as a highlight - yet many Copenhageners believe that it is THE attraction in the city. Bunte Lichter, many different rides, small stalls and restaurants - Other areas, such as Asia, invite the park for a relaxing stroll. Conclusion: once you were there, you do not have to see it again. Stupid: The admission price unfortunately nothing is included. Anyone wanting to use roller coaster and Co. must pay more.

Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen

As in another world you feel in Christiania. The "Free State" is a mecca for individualists, artists, free thinkers and Co. here, photography is strictly prohibited - all have signs out. The buildings consist of trailer, self-built houses and old buildings that have been restored. Many residents have their workshops here and sell their handicrafts. Burning garbage cans warm visitors and residents on cold days. The air is pregnant grass and yet there are nice restaurants in which you can stop - and is suddenly aware again - you're in Copenhagen!

Prinsessegade / Bådsmandsstræde, Copenhagen

Something for real men, the Carlsberg brewery! Ok, we girls had our fun. Through the historic gate with the towering elephant through and from the museum. Here is one explains how the brewery founded in 1847, became one of the sizes in the world. The incredible beer bottle collection (over 16,000 different bottles from around the world) is in addition to the Haflinger horses in the stable, the highlight of the exhibition. Finally, each visitor must tipple by three different Carlsberg beers.

Gamle Carlsbergvej 11, Copenhagen