Nutella cheesecake without baking – 4 Ingredients

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Cake without baking

Four ingredients - all it takes to these Nutella Cheesecake produce without baking. From the refrigerator, in the mouth - the quick recipe.

Once tried, forever seduced: Cheesecake. Without baking. Without stress. but with a lot of favorite ingredients.

Lots of favorite ingredients? Not quite! Four ingredients - all it takes to make our cheesecake without baking to produce. A floor of crispy butter cookies, butter and Nutella and a filling of creamy cream cheese and Nutella - chocolate indulgence at its best!

Our cheesecake without baking is done quickly and can prepare great. Even baking beginners come here fully at their expense. Simply the biscuit Nutella mass press in the springform pan and cover with the chocolate cream cheese cream. Especially delicious: a topping of fresh strawberries. A little tip: Use as in American Original sure to use cream cheese Doppelrahmstufe. Melts in your mouth!

Not with Nutella, but with Oreo cookies: Oreo cheesecake. Must try!


Cheesecake without baking

Ingredients (24er springform pan)

1 glass Nutella, 3 packs cream cheese, 150 g butter, 250 g Butter Cookies


1. wholemeal butter cookies with melted butter and 1 tablespoon chocolate spread mix.

2. Spring bottom of a mold (26 cm diameter) with baking paper. Fill mixture into the mold and press firmly.

3. cream cheese and Nutella mix with each other, give to the ground and make one or two hours cool.