ALG IIWann may make Hartz IV recipients vacation?

May Hartz IV recipients go on vacation? And if so, can they afford that? An overview of the legal situation.

The standard rate was increased on 1 January 2017 409 euros, the cost of the apartment and heating takes to be the state. Who lives sparingly, can certainly afford a vacation - albeit rather a trip to the Baltic Sea instead of the Caribbean.

However, many of Hartz IV recipients fear that they prohibited a holiday. Finally, the unemployed are committed against the state, "constantly locally and quickly accessible" to be.

Law: Can make Hartz IV recipients vacation?The law allows Hartz IV recipients to go on vacation?
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Hartz IV recipients have 21 days of paid leave

But law is a holiday not much in the way. Basically, the unemployed need to contact their vacation plans with the employment agencies. Finally, they get the Hartz IV amount only paid when they "can accept the earliest possible date any suitable employment."

The Federal Labor Agency formulates the holiday officially permission as follows:

"Unemployed people should take timely contact with the employment agency before any holiday planning. It is for them the opportunity to work with commitment of the agency for work up to three weeks during the calendar year, while continuing to pay the power to go on vacation or to be stationary absent. The prerequisite for this is that during this period no activities are planned for the Agency working for the vocational integration of the requesting unemployment."

And still applies: "Mediation before leave - because one may not affect the chances of getting a new job."

Basically, the recruitment agency for Hartz IV recipients what is the supervisor of the employee. The leave must be applied for and approved quasi - mandatory reporting relates in both the departure and the return. In addition: Hartz IV recipients must also during her absence - whether at home or abroad - to be reached.


As of 22 vacation day, the standard rate may be reduced

The holiday for Hartz IV recipients is limited to three weeks, exactly 21 days. For the holidays from 22 days no Hartz IV is paid. Who will travel over 6 weeks at a time, risking the setting of the Hartz IV rate for the entire period. At the federal agency also says:

"Drives the unemployed without the consent of the Employment Agency on vacation, he risks an expensive holiday fun. Not only that payment of unemployment benefit is set at becoming known, even the already transferred money for the vacation period must be repaid. In addition, a delicate fine threatens."

Otherwise applies: Those who receive Hartz IV should apply for leave on his person in charge as soon as possible. For a small budget, it pays to travel in the off season, where the trips are cheaper. For parents of school-age children, it is important to strike for early booking rates.

Who (sometimes starting at 5 euros each way!) Or car takes money saving to the remote bus instead of the train or plane, can, if appropriate, make a Städtedtrip. The one who takes instead of a 3-star hotel to hostels or apartments Airbnb, can stay at a low price. If you're traveling alone, may also consider free couch surfing.

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