Slow Carb5 Kg decrease in 2 weeks: The new protein diet

to give up anything and remove 5 kg? This works with carbohydrates that satisfied full and slim - combined with protein-rich foods.

We know: food for the tried and true Low-carb method (lots of protein, no carbohydrates) makes fast slim. But unfortunately we are often hungry and dissatisfied. This need not be. Scientists have now discovered that makes protein in the mix with certain carbohydrates even faster slim! To be exact: Remove 5 kg in 2 weeks!

The decisive factor is that only the Carbohydrates you are slowly digested (Slow Carbs) combined. They are found in the form of fiber, especially in Vegetables, salad, fruit, whole grains and legumes. And fill you up on easy way with a lot of volume, keeping blood sugar and insulin in check, act in the brain as an appetite brake and let Remove 5 kg.



How the protein diet 

Guests can choose one of our breakfast ideas.

For lunch and dinner treat yourself to each one charged with Slow Carb Recipe: For easy combine 1-2 servings of Slow Carbs with about 120-150 grams of protein - so you can lose weight 5 kg in 2 weeks.

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Protein diet: filling foods breakfast

Egg Sandwich (30 g) whole grain rye bread spread disc 1 with 1 tablespoon avocado fruit flesh show, season with 1 hard-boiled egg. These two tomatoes.

Berry Nut Quark Stir 125 g skimmed quark with 1 tablespoon mineral smooth. 100 g of berries pass mix (TK). 2 EL polynuclear oatmeal and 1 tablespoon hazelnut flaked roast, via the curd streuen.Mit quinoa as filling foods



Lunch and dinner: Slow Carb ...

Slow Carb Vegetables

You must unlimited access (at least 250 g per meal). Because vegetables are fat and calories, contains many nutrients and plenty of fiber. How about&# 39; s z. As with season-Star Brussels sprouts? The scores with 4 g dietary fiber per 100 g. In Avocado stuck even entire 5 g - great as a dip or spread.

Slow Carb whole grains

The first choice for carbohydrate Reichemberg such as pasta, rice or bread. Because with the dark variant soak up a lot of slimming products. have wholemeal pasta about eight times more dietary fiber (10 g per 100 g) than normal pasta. Of these, allow about 40 grams for each meal.

Slow Carb apples and Co.

Fruits such as apple, pear or orange provides about 2-3 grams of fiber per 100g. And also supports the burning of fat with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. But as the sweet fruits also contain a lot of natural fruit sugar - allow no more than two small servings per day.

Slow Carb nuts and seeds

Healthy fat, vegetable protein and fiber do the figure well. Therefore, almonds, flax seeds and chia seeds are especially recommended because they are rich in swelling agents and ensure rapid saturation - a handful a day is optimal.

Slow Carb legumes

Whether lentils, beans or chickpeas: Lots of healthy plant protein and peak values ​​of about 9-13 g per 100 g in the fiber they make to the diet Stars.



... combined with protein

Protein milk products

With yogurt and Co. activate particular morning and night your metabolism. For their calcium brings the fat burning going. Low-fat varieties prefer.

Protein meat and fish products

With salmon, chicken breast or beef rump, you do not only taste a favor - no, your egg whites account will thank you! Lasts long enough and heats the fat burning one tidy.

protein eggs

They were long reputed to raise cholesterol levels. Fortunately, only a rumor, because those little things true protein miracles and so versatile can be used. Scrambled, boiled, poached or as an omelette - access.



The healthy diet tip

Experts Recommend record, 40 g of fiber per day. but on average we take the German to just 18 grams a day. Fill your Slow carb account by eating every meal a serving of vegetables or fruit and grab a day to whole grains or legumes. In the packaged fiber content is often indicated. Here the comparison is worthwhile. So you can easily play Remove 5 kg.