Slight down abnehmen5 kilos! Decrease with thyroid trick

Hormones play an important role in weight loss. And they can be influenced - that is removing the thyroid trick.

simply do not melt your pounds despite all efforts? Then the thyroid is often to blame. For the small butterfly-shaped organ forms two hormones that regulate the whole metabolism. That's why it plays such a decisive role if we increase or decrease.

With a balanced thyroid removal falls so much easier.With a balanced thyroid removal falls so much easier.

A mild underactive thyroid is often the reason is that the metabolism slows down and the removal of heavy falls beyond the 40th

But do not worry: with the right diet and regular exercise can be stimulate the thyroid gently. Including the burning of fat is recovered completely and annoying kilos be dismantled.

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Finally Slim - helps the thyroid

  • much protein

    Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, soy products, legumes into every meal push high in protein metabolism.
  • much iodine

    The mineral is essential for a healthy thyroid. It's in marine fish such as pollock, salmon or mackerel, milk and milk products and iodized salt.

    Caution: People suffering from a thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, should rather eat less iodine. This is best consult a doctor!
  • good fats

    Kurbele to the production of serotonin and dopamine, and so help your thyroid. In addition to a diet with whole grains and healthy fats from fish, nuts, vegetable oil and avocado a bit of dark chocolate every day.
  • no snacks

    Enjoy three main meals and do not begrudge your metabolism between meals a break. This calms the thyroid.
  • little sugar

    avoid white flour products, plenty of vegetables and low in sugar, that the thyroid gland is paralyzed by too much insulin instead of whole grain,

Movement stimulates the thyroid gland to - So the fat burning comes up to speed

  1. Physical activity is extremely important for the metabolism and keeps the hormones in balance. Both acts provide relief to the thyroid. You have to ensure not walk or to the gym to be a member of the sports club. Regular exercise in everyday life often brings much more. Especially Activities in the open air make you fast in top shape.
  2. Ten minutes Morning gymnastics in bed wake cycle and metabolism and are good for the thyroid. Then draw curtains and let in the sun's first rays.
  3. Prevents premature Walk after lunch saved from the afternoon slump. help already 20 to 30 minutes to process the food better. For you to take your thyroid from some work.
  4. If the days are brighter again, you again need to move more. this energy put it out with your family or friends to: Before the next social gathering, for example, only moved one hour. Here, too, it can talk just fine.
  5. Also the evening was a short walk after dinner or just before bedtime several benefits: exercise, relaxation and gentle conformity of the body to sleep.

Author: Inga Pfannebecker

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