Orgasm kick phenomenon Squirting: Can any woman?

What happens when Squirting, it makes the sex and orgasm better? An escort man reveals how squirt in women working.

An escort man reveals tips and tricks to Squirt

"My name is Maxime aka The male model. I work as a high-class escort and accompany women. My job is to make women happy. I'm dating her to dinner, but accompany them even to bed. Listening is my job. Based on my many encounters with different women I know what women lack and what they crave. I want to answer the most important questions that women ask again and again, from the perspective of a man whose job it is to make women happy here."

One of the most popular themes in my workshops for female Orgamus and in meetings with my clients is "squirting". What exactly is squirting? Is it the female ejaculation? It can create any woman? What's the attraction there?

Here are the main facts about Squirting:


What is squirting?

Translated, cum squirting. However, it is in most cases more leakage than a hosing a certain secretion from the vagina.

Can any woman squirting experience? An escort man explained all details to squirt.Can any woman squirting experience? An escort man explained all details to squirt. 
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Is there really Squirt?

Yes, Squirting there. About Squirting written in different cultures before several hundred years. Even Aristotle dealt with this phenomenon. In various cultures of the world Squirting is an absolute highlight of the woman. In medicine Squirt is now widely recognized. Many medical professionals keep squirting ejaculation for the woman. But many Aspekete are still unexplored and not explained in detail.


Why Squirting so taboo and why is so little of women who can reports?

  • Most women can not talk openly about your sexuality today.
  • Many women are initially confused about the liquid that suddenly eliminated during orgasm.
  • Since many do not know where the liquid comes, you suspect initially that this is urine.
  • But that is not the case. Many women are embarrassed to talk about it when they squirt.
  • They are ashamed even before the partners.
  • Here squirt is actually a compliment for the partner, because it only works if the woman is completely relaxed. You must register with their partner or their Parterin feel comfortable and can be dropped.

What is hosed there?

First, in the discharged liquid is not pure urine or vaginal secretions, which moisten the vaginat. This is a special secretion. The suspected source of the scientists of the secretion are the so-called Skene's glands, named after the Scottish gynecologist Alexander J.C. Skene whose channels from the female prostate originate and end on the left and right of the Harnausgang. As the glands are located immediately adjacent to the urethra, it may be that when Squirten also some urine from the urethra happen. Without the urine squirting the secretion is transparent and has a different taste and smell as urine or vaginal secretions.


Can any woman squirt?

  • Women's bodies are so different! The intensity of orgasm is different for every woman! And how a woman can have an orgasm, is certainly different.
  • There are women who squirt unconscious and thereby emit plenty of fluids.
  • Others try long in vain. For some it is just a few drops.
  • If it did not, which can for example be because that does not produce enough, some women Squirt secretions. However, you will experience the same feeling, like other women that emit a lot of secretions.
  • Every woman can reach at least the feeling of Squirtings by Stimulisierung the female prostate.
  • So tell most women during the Squirtens, feel it an additional kick orgasm. This should feel as if you lose the entire print at the bottom and can be covered completely.

... and how exactly does it work?

Since the female Prostate to produce the squirting-secretion, stimulation of the prostate is obvious. It is located on the anterior vaginal wall, about four to six centimeters behind the vaginal opening. There will also be the famous G-spot of women are. But since not every woman there has a special feeling, the female prostate can also be excited by particularly impulsive stimulation of the clitoris.


How can I get a squirt it?

Stimulate your vagina both clitoral (external) and vaginal (inside). It is best to run the middle and ring fingers into the vagina. Press both fingers to the upper vaginal wall. Take your thumb and stimulisieren your clitoris.

  • Version 1: Use a Auflegevibrator for the outer area instead of the thumb.
  • Variant 2: Use a vibrator for the inner area and stimulate your clitoris with external index and middle finger.

Important: Just before your orgasm, you should feel a pressure that feels like they would have to go to the bathroom. Now you should not hold back, but by pressing or relax run (depending on your perception).

My advice:

  • If you try it with your partner, then you may sit on any case under pressure. Take your time and do not tense up.
  • The perfect sex position for Squirting way, is the riding position. You should slightly move the body. The penis stimulates so best the anterior vaginal wall. Now the man or the woman herself should stimulate the clitoris.
  • In my experience, this can be very successful. Especially in Africa believed in being able to produce squirting through the so-called Kunyaza technique in every woman. Here, vaginal and clitoral stimulated with the penis.
Orgasm kick phenomenon Squirting: Can any woman? 

How much secretion occurs from the Squirt?

In my travels around the world and the most diverse peoples, I myself Extreme met. A lady squirtete at each masturbation and not too tight. They met felt a glass full of liquid. I made a different experience with a lady who brought it with a lot of training to an impressive two drops. Other women turn never reached discharge of the liquid.


Can I learn Squirt?

I am convinced that every woman has at least a chance to increase their orgasm. With specific training of the lower muscles also Squirten be learned. Whether really something "hosed" is, is different. I've seen women who have a lot of fluid was sprayed. In another there were only drops. Some few even ejaculate no liquid or not notice this. but all the ladies felt a different kind of special orgasm. It is important to exercise his pelvic floor muscle that is neglected by many women. are helpful in that love balls. With a trained muscles of the pelvic floor of orgasm through tensing and relaxing can be supported.

But beware: Many women who come through masturbation to squirting, it is difficult to achieve this with a partner. It is important that confirmed to me all women to be able to fully relax. Pressure and tension are misplaced.


Conclusion: You should want to not put pressure on and prove yourself or your partner that you can squirt. If you can squirt or not, should not stand in the foreground. Rather, the achievement of orgasm should be prioritized. It is important that you let go and the perfect, because only then it is possible to experience squirting.

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