WhatsAppSo can you annoying contacts on WhatsApp block and delete

You want a contact at WhatsApp delete or block? We'll show you how to do it and explain what the contact still can see.

Whether the annoying ex or a lost friend, it often happens that we want to banish people from our contact list at WhatsApp. Unfortunately, deleting a contact bie WhatsApp is not so easy. That is why we tell you here step by step how you in an Android device block contacts on WhatsApp and can permanently delete from your list.


block contacts in WhatsApp

To the Blocking a contact there are three possibilities. This here is the easiest way: Open want a chat window for the contact that you block. Tap the top right of the three points. then select "More" and subsequently "Block",

WhatsAppSo can you annoying contacts on WhatsApp block and delete

Alternative: If you want to open a chat window with the contact precaution, you can block the contact via the settings. To do this you need to open WhatsApp and then the three points "settings", Here you select account > data protection > blocked contacts. Then you'll see a list of all your contacts blocked. Now tap on top right "Add blocked contacts", Then select the contact in your list that you want to block. Finished!


What can a blocked contact or see?

If the contact is blocked, their messages will not be delivered to you. He can no longer see when you were last seen, or if you've changed your profile picture. In addition, the person you can send any messages or calling from WhatsApp. Your status, the blocked contact also not retrieve.

If you get a message from an unknown number: Foreign contacts you can block as in Method 1 described. Additionally, you can report them as spam. The user is then reported to WhatsApp and added to your list of blocked contacts.


delete a contact at WhatsApp

If you want to delete all of your WhatsApp list a contact one, you need to delete it in the address book of your phone. You have to open a chat with the contact in WhatsApp. then tap on the three dots top right and select first "View Contact", Then again tap the three points "In the Address Book" tap. The contact is now displayed in the address book. Again, tap the three points "delete contact" choose. Finished!

WhatsAppSo can you annoying contacts on WhatsApp block and delete

For the contact then disappears from your WhatsApp list, you may need to update your contact list. For this you open your WhatsApp and tapping the tab "contacts" at. Then you tap on the three dots and choose "To update", Now you're the unwanted contact finally go!


What can a deleted contact still see?

If you only delete a contact, this can still see your profile picture and your status. In addition, he or she knows whether you are online and can continue to write to you. That your profile picture and your status display also deleted contacts, you can prevent this by you change your settings. Under the path Settings -> account -> Notice you can determine who can see your picture and your status.

The safest way to remove someone from the contact list and to get any more messages from him, is to block the contact first and then delete it. So he or she can not reach you and sees nothing he or she should not see. 


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