Zodiac properties: About the Gemini – 21:05. to 6.21.

For Twins life as well as love is a game. Which Zodiac properties Gemini-born make up, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the twins?

The Zodiac properties Twins:

Your element: The air. The element stands for versatility and communication, but also Gespaltensein.

Your Ruling Planet: Mercury in the morning as a symbol of divine message.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). This makes you an active, extrovert.

Her strengths: They are curious, lively, agile, versatile and nimble.

The ideal destinations for you: Gemini-born like the cities of Nuremberg, San Francisco and Melbourne. They like to travel to places like Sardinia, Belgium and Wales.

your personal lucky charm : The color yellow, hazelnut trees, monkeys, sandalwood fragrance and gold topaz stones.

Twins in the Job:

For the air signs Twins is, according to their Zodiac properties a career change or of study as typical rather than consistency. This may seem negative, but only for someone who believes in continuity professionally is an advantage. That was also more likely to be the case in the past. Today, at any rate flexibility is, however, a prerequisite to make a career. The age of globalization and limitless communication and information options via Internet, e-mail and video conferencing has long everyday life .

In the wide field of entertainment (theater, film, newspaper, TV) is the versatility of the twins most likely an adequate field of activity. is related to journalism in this sense, everything that has to do with the manufacture and distribution of books (authors, editors, agents, publishers, booksellers, librarians). A bookseller must know thousands of books and also to broach customers. Who can better than twins?

That twins because of their versatility, their linguistic skill, their rapid comprehension and their communication Talents Make the best secretaries goes almost without saying. Your head is like a library, a dictionary, a calculator. More than others to absorb knowledge and facts, process, compare, analyze, identify, eliminate, add up and play. Therefore, more numerous twins can be found in the administration, filing, science and research. That's true with their Zodiac properties match.

According to the Zodiac properties the Gemini is also an overhang to the profession of tax consultant and lawyer who tries to exploit all the tricks and finesse all the possibilities of the existing law. One should also mention is their brilliant sales skills: Typical Twins have no contact shyness or fear of contact - they can reach out to strangers as if they were already for ever their best friends .

Zodiac properties: About the Gemini - 21:05. to 6.21.

Gemini in Love:

The love is a game for twins. Depending on whether they are male or female, try going to find her twin brother and her twin sister - so that their soul again one is using the "another part",

At the very typical representatives of this Zodiac sign takes place Dating very quickly. I even believe that the choice of partner is quickest among all the characters in them. You can literally fall within seconds immortal - or added precaution, which they so under "immortal" understand ... the love of the twins has in fact some of the non-binding posturing at parties or festivals: You meet, you find yourself interesting, and goes to the end together into bed .

A twin love is the demand for more simple, easy and carefree: one falls in love, you get married, then separated again - life is a game, and who complicates it is your own fault.

But this carefree, charming, uncomplicated love yet know a completely different side: namely twins are just as shy and timid as they are frivolous and self-assured. They also are afraid of deep feelings as easily play with it. The Nichtkalkulierbarkeit of feelings and deep bonds frightens those established by the head man. counter this uncertainty Twins often with irony. And they suffer equally under separations, how to handle it lightly.

Deep down, have to define not mind twins. They crave the same as other people after the perfect match , and loneliness have been nothing left. So it is quite possible to contact or with them down the aisle to live in long relationships when they are sure to excite this woman or this man mentally that he is imaginative /, enterprising and it with him / her is not boring.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the twins?


Zodiac properties: About the Gemini - 21:05. to 6.21.

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