Chinese Pregnancy Calendar conception: Will there be a boy or a girl?


The Chinese conception calendar reveals the baby's sex

Will it be a boy or a girl? The Chinese Conception Calendar should it be able to predict - with a hit rate of allegedly 85 percent! And, right?

The baby lies with the ultrasound just not right, so you can not easily determine the sex? No problem! If you already know the date of conception, just have a look in the Chinese conception calendar! Bullshit? Let's see…

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Chinese Conception Calendar: What's this?

The Chinese conception calendar was developed by Chinese scientists in the 13th century. aid the mother's age at the time of conception and the Month of conception He wants to show what sex will have the baby.


The Chinese Conception Calendar

Important: The mother's age is determined by the lunar calendar! This means that to the actual age of nine months must be included as well.

The result depends entirely on the cliché: Pink is for girls, blue for boys.

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How reliable is the Chinese conception calendar?

It all sounds very bizarre, right? Nevertheless, North American studies confirm the Chinese conception calendar a hit rate of 85 percent!

On one side were the latest scientific studies that a predetermination of sex without genetic intervention can not work.

On the other hand, it was observed that external factors can influence the sex of the child just yet: How can a low calorie Maternal nutrition before conception probably favor girls. more boys in the spring begotten - In addition - because of the susceptibility of sperm by influenza virus in winter. However, we are talking about differences in the single digits.

But perhaps the ancient Chinese had indeed when creating the Chinese conception calendar a better look at the nature influences during sex Heritage mood. In any case, they have calculated the data of the calendar in centuries of work from astrological and statistical data. So maybe .. no bullshit?

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