sexThreesome: Rules for threesome sex

A threesome is the smallest variant of group sex. Three of the most common sexual fantasies of men - and women. Everything you need to know to three.

On "Threesomes" is the slang term for the so-called triplet. Here, sex is a threesome no newfangled phenomenon, but already known since antiquity - and even then benevolently practiced.

Whether in ancient Greece, India and China: cultural history to threesomes thousands of years can be traced. Even ancient civilizations it Group completed (as seen for example in the Kama Sutra). so that women and men fantasize today of ménage à trois is not wicked, but lies rather in the nature of man.

Triplets are not only in brothels and swingers clubs, but - depending on the desire and passion - even into his own bedroom. But with whom you should try threesome? When is the best time to find out the best place for sex Trio? And especially: Like a three-run at all from? 


What must be considered in a threesome?

  • Prevention: No matter how good the know the people involved and what constellation it is: prevention (! Best with a condom) is the most important prerequisite for a threesome (especially if the third person is quite strange). It's not just about pregnancy, but primarily to sexually transmitted diseases (as AIDS, HPV, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, herpes). In the constellation MFF (see below) applies: Change condom, once the partner is changed.
  • Really want: Do not persuade you on this adventure! If any of you has a bad feeling about it, he will feel uncomfortable during the threesome. Then it's better to move the three to unknown time - perhaps there is the desire to someday one.
  • Partner is number 1: Of course, true that all three people involved should have fun at the triplet. However, it is advantageous when one's partner is getting preferential treatment in a threesome. Even after the threesome applies: The cuddling is reserved solely for such partners. Of the "guest" can be adopted easily (clarified before) after sex.
  • Stable relationship: With a triple no shaky relationship can be saved. Much more, the sex is a threesome only when a relationship is very stable. Prevails in your relationship jealousy or mistrust, a threesome is only reinforce the negative feelings - the relationship is then doomed to failure.
  • Mutual trust: The key to the plan "Threesome" is mutual trust. It should be clear to both that common experience should be the focus, not the third person. For couples threesome can at best be an asset - at worst be dangerous (infra).
  • Clear rules: What exactly is permitted with the third person? What not? Is it just&# 39; s watching? Or is also kissing and foreplay? Or you can go directly to&# 39; s whole and also allows mutual penetration? draw clear boundaries and establish common rules is the alpha and omega, before leaving to participate in the intimate life a third person.

How does threesome?

The variants of a threesome are immeasurable. All forms can be done, but you do not! Clarifies so much it comes from just ahead, e.g .:

  • Is it just&# 39; s watch or be seen?
  • If the third person participate? And if so, how far they go? Touching, kissing, penetration? Oral, vaginal or anal sex?
  • When penetration is true: simultaneously, sequentially or alternately? is double penetration allowed?
  • May one aid use? If so, with whom? Which? In which orifices?
  • Very important: Everyone should feel free also "in the middle" stop. Who thought in the beginning, a threesome would be a good idea, but noted during sex, but that it does not like to say it and it should be respected by the others.

When is the time for the triplets come?

One thing is clear at least: a time to decide alone to enforce, does not work. Come in addition: In a three-three people with different sexual pleasure, different preferences, different experiences are involved.

Roughly one can say that if the mood suits and the trio fit is loose and open, desire and time, has the timing is perfect! Important is: You should not under time pressure (For example, do not have any dates after), but leave you time. Because: Threesomes (especially if it's the first), is exciting enough.

For couples of course applies: The right time for a threesome has come when both are sure that they want to experience it together like, when both feel ready for this adventure and feel safe and secure in their relationship.


Threesome? OK. But with whom? The choice of partner

The most important consideration is: If the third or a friend, an acquaintance or maybe a stranger be? When acquaintances applies: feelings or unresolved conflicts between the protagonists can complicate the threesome. With strangers applies: The attraction is there, but the threshold probably greater than with a familiar people. It is important: should the third party to choose, as a couple.

If you prefer a stranger, in certain Internet Foren explicitly search for the appropriate third party. But also swinger (There are also those with class) may be an ideal starting point for informal and common search for a threesome partner.

For this, you should also have the sex (and possibly about sexuality) some of the third party: Woman or man? Can (or should) he (or she), bi- or heterosexual be gay? Basically, these two constellations are possible:

  • MFF: male-female-female (two women, one man)
  • MMF: male-male-female (two men, one woman)

What places are threes for love?

You can choose from:

  • your / your apartment
  • if necessary, the dwelling place of your partner
  • the apartment of the third person
  • a hotel or motel room
  • a swingers club

The choice of location is important. Take the time and discuss it both first time as a couple, and then the third person. Important is: You have to feel you all well.

Imagine the questions:

  • We a familiar place important?
  • If it is one's own home: If you want a third and truly in his own bed - have person - possibly alien?
  • Is a hotel alternative? And if so, in the hometown? Or rather on holiday?
  • If a swinger club suitable? And if so, in a private or a shared space?

How do you prepare for a threesome?

  • To get to know: A short introductory meeting can already make loose. So if you have agreed to a third person, arrange a three-Date.
  • Rules to third: Before clarifying what may be and with whom what is not (about:???? Oral Vaginal Anal Affectionate or SM etc.)
  • Sex toys: keep condoms, sex toys, lubricant hand - so you are prepared for any eventuality.
  • Before Prelude: At the first of three the atmosphere for each should be inviting. Whether by candlelight and a glass of wine or a shared bathroom or mutual massage: If you closer in small steps - so do not rush.

If you repeat a threesome?

Whether it should be a unique experience or want her to repeat it, you can clear before - but can it can also (by mutual agreement) open. The rule is: Be surprised and get anything on you ...


Why threesome? The advantages

The advantages of a threesome can for everyone, be different for each pair. The benefits of triplets most frequently mentioned are the following:

  • Expansion of sexual life: Whether with a partner or as a single: The preferences of a third person (new positions, practices, etc.) can serve as inspiration for their own sex life.
  • Increase the pleasure sensation: A new level can be achieved when one is touched by four hands instead of two, is kissed by two lip pairs instead of one - and optionally penetrated by two penises instead of one. Whether one experiences it as pleasure or as a burden, you can find out by trial and error.
  • Knowledge about sexuality: Sure, you really know whether you feel more attracted to women or men. But what if you wear an undiscovered tendency in itself? Perhaps she only comes to light when you're getting into it ...
  • The pudding is in the eating: As they say "Rather regret having done something, rather than to regret not having done it", Who gets involved in a threesome, white then, whether it is good only in the imagination or in reality.

What speaks against a threesome? The disadvantages

Who runs the risk of stirring up the jealousy in the partnership through a threesome or even to promote emotional reorientation by the three should definitely stay away from it! Not everyone can and want to share with a third person his partner - and that's understandable. Sometimes the fantasy is after all better than any reality ...