Stimulierend7 erotic stories: The bare madness

Fancy a good erotic story? We have no less than seven of them! Four readers and three men talk about the most unique sex of her life. Quite frankly, bluntly. Plus: What hot hours most often gets in the way - and how do you manage these stumbling blocks aside in an instant.

Below there are seven short erotic stories.

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Everything out of control

Tom went briefly to the bathroom, I was lying on the bed. The first round we had behind us, come I was not. No problem. We had all the time in the world. When he went back to me, I kissed his neck, the tattoo on his shoulder. If we were skin to skin, we thought it best not long out with the foreplay. It took only a few minutes to Toms best piece was back in top form.

7 erotic stories of the bare wahnsinnErotic Stories: The bare madness!
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He lay down on me and my pelvis stretched to meet him. I liked the missionary position always liked, because I come from the friction of the clitoris easiest to climax. To this day I can not explain why I suddenly turned my stomach me. Probably told me my intuition that my body was ready for something else. I knelt on the bed, so that Tom could enter from the back of my vagina. He pulled my buttocks and was immediately in me. It was not until he moved very gently, then he picked up speed.

With one hand I made through my legs pass and stroked his testicles. If you do not soon touches your clitoris, which is nothing again, said my head. But then he turned itself off: "Bye, Barbara, safe journey and see you later ..." In my stomach throbbed, a hot tingling shot through my body. And then I groaned. As loud as ever. Madness, as he was - my first vaginal orgasm! Do not know if Tom was at all clear then. To me at least one thing became aware: Sex needs not only passion and the right technique, he's good in every position - if you just times relinquishes control.

Barbara, 32, had a long affair with Tom six years ago. For two years she is married.


moving experiences

Forget sex toys, porn and role playing! The best sex of my life I have, since my girlfriend Meike doing yoga. She now has this incredibly impressive body tension, which not only looks great, but feels really great. And it seems to me as if she had also tired than before. Meike takes much more often the initiative and will vary more while we sleep together. A real man's dream! The other day we had an incredible evening. Actually, it all started normally.

I top it down, and it was really nice. But when I was just before the climax, she spread her legs at once far apart. Honestly, I'm running it still cold down the back when just thinking about it! I can not remember that I was ever so deeply in her myself. the whole thing was topped only by what followed after that. Although they had just come also, Meike was still electrified beside me. I put my hand on her flat stomach, her trembling legs.

, Her eyes told me she wanted again. Then she whispered in my ear: "I want to try something." She sat on me, knelt down with the legs on my thighs and pressed her hands against my chest. I can tell you in just a minute I went off like 30 Year firecrackers at once! At least. They way also. Her words as she then was a sweaty grin in my arms: "That was the best orgasm of my life."

Christian, 35, is in a relationship with Meike in three years


still waters run deep

Our last Sexdate was already a few weeks back. Marc and I had half years an affair - and I knew that no couple would become of us. Probably because we were both busy with our careers. Then we met again, in a golf hotel near Dusseldorf. When we were in the room, he immediately began to caress me. He reached under my shirt and started kissing my neck. At some point he stopped, looked through the window and said: "You know what? Take off your shoes and come along! "

It was a typical, mild summer evening and we walked barefoot to the dark golf course behind the hotel. Then we looked for a dark corner and retreated hastily. I could expect to feel him finally hardly, threw me on the grass and pulled him frantically at me. What we had not seen: Our little love nest flattened behind me from extreme and turned into a pond. With his every move Marc pushed me a bit deeper into the water. I know it sounds weird, but I really had to laugh out loud as he came.

He found the only not quite so funny, but when we went back, we had to giggle both. I felt the sand in my hair - and between my buttocks. Regardless of this number, it was worth it! The next day we saw that the pond full of ducks was. Oh man, who had certainly fun ... Marc and I write today, five years later, by the way still from time to e-mails. The subject is always the same: "Quack, quack."

Ina, 34, has now fallen in love


caught hot-cold

Patrick I knew for only a few weeks when he ansimste me one evening: "Hey baby, what are you doing? see you later? "-" Sure, "I replied, and hurried to the bathroom to make me beautiful. Meanwhile, my phone vibrated by the minute. "Are you ever wrong?" "Where are you then?" "I'm really keen on you!" ... gulp. My excitement grew. And then I did something that I never thought that I would do it again, I went into the bedroom, pulled black lingerie and thigh high stockings - the only pair that I owned.

Eventually bought on a whim, never worn. Still purely in black high heels, black coat over it, go. I was almost naked under the coat. Oha was that cold out there! "What are you doing?" I asked myself as I turned the ignition key. "Now if you have an accident, what will people think?" But the desire to impress Patrick, was greater than my concern, what could go wrong. In the car I took a photo of a small part of my outfits at every traffic light and sent it to him.

The top of my stockings, my breasts in lacy bra, my red lips ... Patrick mistyped at almost every reply SMS. Finally, I stood in front of his apartment, tense and excited. I rang the bell, he opened the door, then everything happened very quickly. I felt his tongue in my mouth and his hands in my hair. He unbuttoned my coat on, summarized below, and felt that I was almost naked. "Wow, I'm speechless ..." he whispered. Then he picked me up and carried me to bed. We have pretty much done at night so anything that can come up with two excited people. And since I know that it pays to have the shells sometimes fall a little faster ...

Anna, 28, after a six-month relationship with Patrick single again


At the peak of emotions

Sabina is not a classic beauty. Her mouth is narrow, her hair quite thin. But she's hammer-sexy! This is due to their cool, slightly detached way. I am looking for career women. The Controllerin the pantsuit, the lawyer in dark blue suit, yepp, that was exactly my type. Sabina is a civil engineer. Not an easy thing to have to give on any construction site at the guys respect. When I saw her the first time at a friend's party, she turned me on immediately.

So now not active, I found it just totally sharp. And during sex ... phew ... because Sabina transformed by the Miss Super Cool in, well, a rather perverted thing. I think she cries sometimes so loud that it really hear all our neighbors. But I like it. Because I'm really proud that we can have relationship so passionate sex even after ten years. Clear, with our two children, we have become inevitably more quiet. Nevertheless, there are still those moments when I can not believe what's a hot lady in my wife. Just like the other day when we both came back slightly drunk from a meal with friends.

Sabina has pushed me in our staircase against the wall and taken what they wanted: a fast, intense orgasm. It took more than two minutes. She pulled down my pants, rubbed against me and off we went. Ladies, there is nothing more exciting than a woman who (or on the way there) in bed knows exactly what she wants - especially when it shows that too. And personally goes for me: The person you know by heart, still getting weak knees wobble, is more than a prize.

Michael, 35, has been ten years in a relationship with Sabina - and married to her since 2010


come on the train

I realize that this story actually sounds too trite to be true. But I have experienced times now, so I tell them also: I sat in northern Germany on the train, reading a book. At some point, a dark-haired woman, I noticed the place was diagonally opposite. She smiled at me, I smiled back. A few moments later she stood up and left a note falling on the vacant seat next to me. It read: "I'm waiting in the hall for you."

My temples throbbed. Does the serious? I thought five minutes back and forth. Then I followed her. In the hallway, she said not a word. She just grinned at me and pulled me to the toilet. Granted, not the most beautiful place, but somehow that did not matter. Within a split second we had our hands all over our bodies. She was young, maybe 24, but it seemed incredibly experienced. A quick look in the eyes, then opened my pants and - hey presto - was her hand under my boxer shorts. I know this is now embarrassing, but I began to tremble slightly. For it was perfectly clear what would happen now - and I had no plan for this situation. But I did not need to, because they withdrew only her jeans down, then her panties to the side and finally a condom from her purse.

When I entered her, she sighed briefly. This was the first time I heard her voice. "Take me," she whispered - and I did, as the train left and right rocking. She was breathing faster and faster in my ear and came close to me. Then she withdrew with a smile on the face of, kissed me and went back to her seat. In Hanover she said goodbye with a wink. I can often still do not believe I've seen that of which probably dream of every man - even to have sex with a total stranger. One thing I know for sure that I will remember as an old man again and again to this schedule.

Andi, 33, is going steady for a year


A wedding full of highlights

The wedding of my cousin came somehow not easy to get going. then Erol and I dateten only recently, actually we would rather have stayed in bed. And the longer the matter dragged on, the more fidgety he was. Finally, he said during a champagne reception ". Let's go out" Not a bad idea, I thought. So we crept into the park around the corner. "Will you sit times to the tree there?" He asked. Before I could answer, he was already kneeling in front of me. He crawled under my dress and began to lick me. I shrugged, moaning softly - and got the goose bumps of my life! When I came, I saw the bulge in his pants.

"But if we can not have that," I whispered, grinning and opened his zipper ... With red faces we strolled a while later to celebrate. When it came to dancing in the evening, we disappeared again. This time we found a bank that was a little off. I sat down on the arm, wrapping one leg around Erol's waist and pulled him to me.

While it was pitch dark, but we could hear the voices of walkers. But we did not care. Is not it? Looking back, I have to say: It was probably precisely this fear of being discovered, which has annoyed me most - and not sex itself More seriously, I never thought that I stand on those kicks.! When my cousin asked me at parting whether I had liked, I said, "The best wedding ever!" And that was not even a lie.

Susanne, 25, since last summer Erol's girlfriend


...Gets along well: The best sex tips for you

There are many opportunities for super sex, but also some things that can spoil the fun one. So you eliminated the five most common lust killer.

You have 1000 things in mind

It is obvious that he has great desire. but their thoughts revolve only job, shopping and washing up. And now? Sex therapist Dr. Carla Thiele advised to head Cinema: "Paint your favorite sexual fantasy from - and in as much detail as possible." Good for inspiration: the stories on the last pages ...

It holds you in too hard

Everything is perfect. Until he kneads around on your body as in a cake batter. "Slide your partner does not abruptly away, but talk to him," says the expert. Something like this: "Oops, this is something fixed." Then show him how you prefer - by placing your hands on his and guide him to the correct pressure for your hotspots.

She has cold feet

Shivering in bed gymnastics from. Therefore one first: "It's not unsexy if you creep into the case completely under the covers," says Thiele. After that, go for it in the best Spoons comfortable and pinch your feet between his lower legs. And he? Can indeed ever take care of your breasts.

The slatted frame squeaks

Moan so, squeal no -. Because the latter not only disturbs the neighbors, but also your love life "Make without a second thought, somewhere else, such as on the table", author Thiele advises ( "Good sex without stress," Ullstein, about 10 €). That brings definitely pep up the number. Or heave the mattress spontaneously to the ground. In the long run, however: Place hands on - on your bed.

He comes too soon

Already over? Oh ... First the good news: Round two will certainly take longer. "The reason is that the penis then not so sensitive," explains the expert. Who wants to perfect his timing, can test the start-stop technology. In this case, your partner lays having sex at least three breaks - and always waits until the pressure has almost completely broken down. Sun learns his best piece in time to restrain himself. If it never works, it may be a defect in the neurotransmitters in the brain. Then a doctor can help.

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