Adé RettungsringeHüftspeck rid: help these four exercises


Challenging the excess fat

You want your love handles just get rid of love? We'll show you four exercises that you can bring the fat to melt.

Lifebelts, love handles, love handles - there are many names for the Flab on our hips. Unfortunately, even the prettiest name does not change the fact that love handles can be quite annoying and persistent. But help is at hand: You want challenge the pesky love handles the fight? Then you are exactly right here.

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Can I wegtrainieren my love handles specifically?

But we want to be honest with you, we would like to write that you simply need to do a single exercise and even the excess fat melt away in no time then. Unfortunately, that's not enough to really get rid of love handles. It is simply not possible to remove only one location of the body. We can not control, at which point we lose fat unfortunately. There are people who lose weight relatively evenly over its entire body, while others will turn first ever narrower in the same places before then follows the annoying rest.

But you can achieve a lot if you feed your body healthy and balanced and keep regularly on their toes. For the latter, we have compiled here you four effective exercises that you can train all the important parts of your abdominal muscles. The best part: You do not even take much time. OK, let&# 39; s! Fitness expert Carl Nehls of BizzFit has betrayed us four exercises that we can move the love handles to his body.


4 exercises that we get rid of the love handles

1. Exercise: Crunch

That is trained: straight abdominal muscles

  • Difficulty Level 1: Lie on the back. The legs are loosely bent. The hands you place loosely on your belly.
  • Choose with eyes a spot on the ceiling and then slowly raise your upper body as straight as possible to the top. About as if you string a pull up. You remember how your just tensing abdominal muscles. Unlike the normal crunch to your belly should hardly curl.
  • Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times. If you can get a lot more reps, increasing the difficulty. You can ask your muscles properly. So be honest with yourself and choose the difficulty level that really suits you.
  • Difficulty Level 2: Place the lower leg on a chair or exercise ball, and completes the crunch in this position. The angle between the upper and lower legs should be about 90 degrees.
  • Difficulty Level 3: If you still like it a bit more strenuous, legs hold at a 90-degree angle in the air.

2. Exercise: side support

That is trained: oblique abdominal muscles

  • difficulty 1: Come into the side. Support your right forearm on. The legs are bent sideways.
  • Now you push your hips straight up and it controls countenance fallen off again.
  • Make sure that your body forms a straight line.
  • Repeat the exercise 8 to 10 times, then switch the page. Finally, we want to train even our stomach. Again: Increase the difficulty, if it becomes too easy for you.
  • difficulty 2: Lead, however, the exercise described as above with your legs straight.
  • difficulty 3: Something more strenuous it is when you lift the top leg as you lift your hips and countenance fallen.



3. Exercise: Oblique Crunch

That is trained: lateral abdominal muscles

  • Difficulty Level 1: The starting position is the same as for a normal crunch. Now are your arms but with the palms down just next to your body.
  • While you now anspannst the abdomen and are lifting your upper body, you move parallel to your right hand to his left knee.
  • Hold for about two seconds and then lower your upper body again. Repeat everything with his left arm. Make sure that your lower back stays on the floor.
  • Perform the exercise eight to ten times per side.
  • Difficulty Level 2: Lifting the legs at a 90 degree angle and then lead your arm on respective opposite knee.



4. Exercise: Leg Extension

That is trained: lower abdominal muscles

  • Difficulty Level 1: Sit on the floor. Lean your upper body back and lean on his arms.
  • Winkle now your legs approximately at a 90-degree angle, and then route them with a controlled movement to the front. Bring them here toward the ground. Then you pull the legs back up to be you.
  • Perform the exercise from 8 to 10 times.
  • A little tip: If you mind too strenuous to stretch both legs at the same time, you can stretch each 8 to 10 times the legs individually in turn.
  • Difficulty Level 2: Lean on your forearms and bring the legs as before to the front and pull it back to your upper body.



And? These exercises are still perfect, to imitate it? We wish you lots of fun!


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