Akne13 causes of pimples in adulthood

The most common causes of pimples over 30. It makes you think, from 30 can be the subject "pimple" shelve and dedicate herself to fighting wrinkles. But suddenly they come back the little beasts. Why?

You are looking for someone to blame for your breakouts? Here you go - we have identified the following Hau (p) tverdächtige:


The most common causes of pimples over 30

1. Incorrect care

It cleans, exfoliates and creaming - and yet arise pimples. Caution: You can care for your skin, so that they do with impurities "defends", Our advice: go straight to the specialist / dermatologist and not having trouble until long. Important: Daily thorough cleaning , not keep changing products (Pröbchen), use lighter textures in the summer and go often times for cleansing as a beautician before himself scars "hindrückt", Also an intolerance or an allergy to emulsifiers, fragrances or preservatives can Zits in adulthood cause.

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2. Stress makes for impurities

What burdens the soul, even the skin does not look good. The more balanced we are, the more relaxed is also our skin. Daily stress should by regular relaxation compensate for. B. a short walk. Under stress blemished skin but also act a facial steam or a soothing treatment mask Wonder.

3. pimples in summer

As nice as it is when the sun is shining and it's warm: Our skin temperature affects the production of sebum. The increases by 10 percent per degree, so in the summer months amplified can cause skin problems . Nevertheless, one can prevent pimples by cleaning the skin thoroughly but gently, to rid them of excess sebum and dirt. The best are soap-free, slightly acidic detergent. A mild peeling - once or twice a week - helps to remove the dead skin cells that can clog pores.

4. bad skin during menstruation

About a week before the onset usually represents almost half of all women experience improved oil production of the sebaceous glands. The result: pimples. Against these hormone-related adult acne helps Taking birth control pill , because it contains estrogen and progestin. That regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce the activity of the androgen hormones and thus prevent even the Break out of acne .

If the pimples sprout suddenly, you feel like a teenager again. If the pimples sprout suddenly, you feel like a teenager again. 
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5. Rich care products

For the Facial Care blemished skin should be no rich products, ie water-in-oil compositions use. Better: oil-in-water emulsions or gels. And be among the ingredients on dexpanthenol and niacin. The soothe blemished skin.

6. diet for beautiful skin

There are some evidence that very sweet or very fatty foods can trigger acne breakouts and pimples. So you should, if you are predisposed to bad skin, keep your hands of chips, fries or ice. But unfortunately even women who eat very healthy, not against blemishes immune. But there are some vitamins - A, B5, B6 and E - which can help fight acne . Plug u. a. in vegetable oils, liver, fish, beef and pork, chicken eggs, milk, potatoes, carrots, wheat germ, oatmeal, nuts, rice and tomatoes.

7. Use sunscreen correctly

UV protection is important and does not in itself pimples. But not Apply the sunscreen on the skin, but before using the care product.

8. pregnancy as a reason for pimples?

Pregnant women often report Akneschüben, but here the treatment options are limited, of course, because the drugs can penetrate through the skin. Here acting on the surface antibiotics are usually prescribed.

9. Hand + Phone = blemished skin

Even phones can a Cause of pimples be - and where the phone touches the face. So Regularly clean your phone with a disinfectant wipe. The same is true for eyeglass frames. And you try to take as little as possible in the face. Your hands are not freshly washed, transfer bacteria on your skin - and that provide for pimples.

10. Smoking promotes pimples

Nicotine is bad for your health and beauty. Cigarette smoke via high amounts of arachidonic acid and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to increased inflammation of acne.

11. menopause

Blemishes aged often associated with an elevated level of testosterone, which with him Entering the menopause results. This leads to an enlargement of the sebaceous glands and increased sebum production. This in turn can trigger enhanced impurities. Treatment options: traditional Aknetherapien and anti-androgens.

12 pimples on the sheets?

Who does not wash his pillow regularly, shall be punished with pimples on his face. And: The Sleeping under heavy blankets and sheets which are not made of cotton, acne can cause on the back.

13. hairstyles & , Condition hair styling that conceals skin

Whether the headband during sports or deep Pony - everything that touches your face, the skin may contaminate. Dirt and sweat do not cause pimples out, but they include bacteria, which colonize in clogged pores and promote pimples. Many adults with pimples on his forehead have the habit to strip her hair with his hands from his forehead. It is also possible to block the pores with hair spray or hair gel. So cover your face every time you apply one of these hair products.

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