Week Horoscope – Scorpio – for the current week from 10.23 – 29.10

Dear Scorpio, your life will be easier, happier and more colorful!

These constellations are now important to you.
Cheap: Sun (conjunction), Mercury (Konjuktion), Jupiter (conjunction), Mars (sextile), Pluto (sextile), Neptune (Trigon)
Rather critical: not critical aspects

This week you have the sun and Mercury on your side. Mercury and Neptune meet trine. Lighter than usual you dare to even survive to address unpleasant. You instinctively find the right words. Then there is the great connection between the Sun and Jupiter in conjunction. More is not possible. Everything is better, easier, happier. Luck is very close to you.

My good advice

They felt the last few weeks sometimes passed over, ignored, unappreciated right. That is now finally concluded. Sun and Jupiter personally take care of it that it is different: They exude so much confidence and charm that no one escapes in your area.

For you to think

Who does not hope Unerhofftes, it can not find


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