Zodiac properties: About the astrological sign Cancer – 06.22. to 7.22.

Cancers are often switch between emotion and reason and torn. Which Zodiac properties Cancer babies make, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the cancer?



The zodiac sign of Cancer properties:


Your element: The water. The element is Gefühlshaftigkeit and emotional depth, but also Unsichersein and lostness.

Your Ruling Planet: The moon as a symbol of the emotional adherence and soul.

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That makes you an introspective and maternal people.

Her strengths: They are emotional, domesticated, sensitive, caring and comfortable.

The ideal destinations for you: Cancer born like the cities of Lüneburg, Venice and Tunis. They like to travel to countries such as Holland and Paraguay - and would give anything for a holiday in Mauritius.

Your personal lucky charm: The color blue, willow, deer, jasmine-scented and moonstones.



Zodiac properties: The cancer at work:

according to his Zodiac properties needs the star sign Cancer an activity in which a flow of energy prevails, that is, by the people with whom one has to do it - Chefs colleagues , Customers students, etc. - flowing energies that nourish. The less they get it, the emptier they feel, and the less they can deliver. Cancers that present and future of their current or job think, this should keep especially in mind: Symbolically speaking, they are like the moon , can not shine by itself, but requires the sun to shine to.

according to his Zodiac properties it's almost irrelevant what a cancer works. For he will incorporate them into every activity its specific skills, namely to worry about others and about the working atmosphere: crabs will write secretaries, the letters and forward calls - but is their most important task to build the boss again, once he sags. They are sellers who all day People serve; but what they actually "sell"Is to give their clients a good feeling. Crabs are the best kindergarten teachers and teachers of the world because they give not only knowledge but above all love their pupils. Crabs can stand on a conveyor belt and always do a particular sequence of steps. When asked what they like in this work, they will certainly say: "The atmosphere…" Or: "The colleagues …!" And vice versa, all employees will say about the cancer that he had a good heart and do like to work with him one.

Make crayfish also money ? Well, what always take crabs in the hand, that is growing, even money. It even seems that they have a particularly good relationship with money. Cancers in this regard are quite comparable with bull infants, who are said to be pursuing the money on a real magnetism. Cancers can also be filthy rich; this is what so serious money name as the cancer-born Friedrich Flick, John Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller and Soraya. Crabs and Bulls share the majority of the highly doped jobs in corporations, banks and insurance companies among themselves. They are not necessarily those who run a business - that leave them like rams, ibexes and lions - but they manage money .

Zodiac properties: About the astrological sign Cancer - 06.22. to 7.22.



Zodiac properties: The cancer in love:

Cancers love soulful. Of the lovemaking is a deeply felt experience where they feel the love partner far internally connected to them. A one-night stand, a quickie in the car's back seat, which is not for them. Crabs need emotional connection and an atmospheric environment. It happens anyway once for her uncharacteristically, they regret afterwards so.

Warm, honest emotions seem erotically on crabs. Feel it emotional security, increases their sexual pleasure and the intensity of their reactions. They love affection without end, and above all, they never get enough kisses . kiss, kiss crabs, kissing - and certainly not only beautiful lips ...

The most important prerequisite for sensual hours with a cancer: The atmosphere must be right. He loves comfortable, cozy, romantic, of course, to include candles and emotional music like love songs, blues, classical, fire and a glass of wine.

The lovemaking crabs like to start at a different location than in bed, perhaps on the sofa or even better on a soft carpet with lots of pillows.

If a typical cancer-born, man or woman, was not just distorted by any anti-sex attitude, he gets every time a sexual intercourse orgasm . And every time he flies away, slides on cloud nine and is there when it would actually always to conceive a child or to testify. Love with a cancer is simply heavenly and without any bitter aftertaste.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the cancer?


Zodiac properties: About the astrological sign Cancer - 06.22. to 7.22.

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