Zodiac properties: About the zodiac sign Taurus – 21:04. to 20.05.

Bulls are real pleasure people. Which Zodiac properties bull-born make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the bull?

The Zodiac properties the bull:

your Element: The Earth as a soothing, bewahrendes, shaping and delimiting element.

Your Ruling Planet: Venus of the morning as the goddess of beauty and love.

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That makes you a reactive and introspective man.

Her strengths: They are sensual, practical, solid, patient and affectionate.

The ideal destinations for you: Bull babies like the cities of Dresden, Zurich and St. Louis. They like to travel in countries like China and Thailand. They love green valleys and meadows.

your personal lucky charm : The color green, lime, beetle, patchouli-scented and ruby ​​stones.

The bull in a job:

If a bull reached the age at which you decide on a career or choose to study, then of course he encounters in their exploration of the different ways a hand to such activities, which - even if only very distantly - immense in connection with his lust and sensuality are, on the other hand it can be in accordance with its Zodiac properties also determines guided by the fact as soon as possible as much as possible money to earn.

Activities, even in the broadest sense with eat have to do, among the most popular bull professions. The areas of interest range from agricultural scientists from the grocery laboratory technicians from alternative organic farmers to the dairy engineer, from the bakery to the confectionery manufacturer, from mom-and-pop store owners to the owner of a deli chain. And of course here includes the broad field of gastronomy - from rags on the cook, waiter and bartender to the restaurant owner.

Bulls also show large talents in all artistic and design professions. They are good tailors and fashion designers, but also make a great figure as a model. They are successful boutique owner and Window dressers, and they can gardening and wonderful flower arrangements put together. Also among beauticians and makeup artists, there are plenty of bulls.

Bulls are by their Zodiac properties her more conservative. This means that they like to work in a profession that deals with the past, so for example, as a historian, preservationist, restorer, archivist or ethnographer. Even in professions which maintain a certain sense of tradition, it attracts many a bull.

The topic of finances is as important as sensuality and lust. The result is that many bulls work where money is, so at a bank, the tax office, at a cash register, commercial insurance or the stock market. And of course, a merchant or clerk is a typical and popular bull profession. No wonder these Zodiac properties!

Zodiac properties: About the zodiac sign Taurus - 21:04. to 20.05.

The bull in love:

lust and sensuality are the Allernormalste and most obvious thing in the world for a bull. Is the time in which he is born, not full of sensuality? Just think of the smell of lilacs or the taste of a Maibowle! All senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. A bull is so blessed already at birth with an immense wealth of pleasure and sensuality, no longer goes by his life.

With regard to the love embodying the bull with its Zodiac properties the first principle of pleasure: the woman with the lush, soft curves, always ready to pleasure; the man with broad shoulders and strong loins - always and infinitely potent. A nice confirmation stierischer pleasure found in a statement by the Hollywood stars and bull Jack Nicholson. In connection with the sex affair by former US President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky Nicholson said: "Go on, Bill, you're doing great! What would be the alternative: a president who does not have sex with?"

But, bulls may argue, what about love? So far spoken only of the enormous sensuality of the bull. Love and sensuality are not two different things?

Normally, yes, but not in a bull! love without sensuality is inconceivable for him. The sentence that man's heart is through his stomach, was certainly invented by a bull. He loves even know what he can see, smell, touch, taste can. The love he receives from his partner or his partner, it measures about how many times he kissing is and how the Wiener Schnitzel tastes, which he / she is on the table.

The disadvantage is obvious: A true-blue Taurus is hard to have a romantic, exalted love story that touches the sky. But one advantage is that too: The bull is feasible very light (ver), and he is faithful.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the bull?


Zodiac properties: About the zodiac sign Taurus - 21:04. to 20.05.

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