Vagina WissenWas the intimate smell über verrät your vagina

What the intimate smell über verrät your vagina and how you can influence him

The scent of a woman between her legs was long considered an aphrodisiac. An attractant guides for the men's world that can inspire guides for this unique bouquet still quite. But in times of hygiene hysteria exactly this fragrance becomes a problem. Notably guides for women. Because they smell möchten überall long-lasting fresh showered. What smells anywhere else has to be bad or even abstoßend - so the concern.


The smell of a vagina: Some stand on it!

Too bad that we women we somehow do not want to allow these own smell and it is völlig Keep out of our imagination that some Männer leave even really on it. But it is so, "Scent of a Woman" has its fan base. Why not? he's that bad schließlich really not. Just different.

No panic!

A healthy vagina has a smell that does not necessarily aufdrängt at übertriebener not care in everyday life. But as is generally even with Achselschweiß or Müffeln, one takes one's own flavor usually more true than others. Or even the only one. So do not panic, ladies!


Vagina: Why the smell is different

It has a very understandable reason why every woman has a special flavor between her legs. Guides for the natürliche cleaning function of the vagina and guides for a functioning immune defense, the Schleimhäute the vagina always be kept moist. And this protection against unwanted bacterial invaders caused by the acidic environment in the vagina.

The acidic pH führt to the special scent, which many refer to as säuerlich. Some also say it smells slightly yogurt or slightly metallic. However, a description in words can only ever be a Annäherung. For every woman smells "down" just different.


Affect the vagina smell "of auГџen"

The most important in terms of maintenance First of all: When cleaning the vagina less is more. For, the more intense the vagina is showered and soaped, the größer the risk of stören the natürlichen defense mucosal protection. This applies also download häufige shaven. The result may be that the Scheidenmillieu can not stop unloved bacteria and easier Or fungal diseases arise. And then the smells often no longer good. Quite apart from itching, burning and increased vaginal discharge.

Guides for a good reason Unterbodenwäsche genügt really clear water. If you like fragrance or foam hätte and well get on with his shower gel, this can continue to use. But there are also quite great and gentle Intimate Washes, who have a mild herbal scent and often are adjusted to the pH of the Scheidenschleimhäute. Lotions guides for the intimate region and bikini calm after shaving or maintain discreetly, without the smells in step like a Parfümerie. Is somehow not quite appropriate.

Stay away, it is called as definitely download for perfume, deodorant and other parfГјmierte care products. You can attack the lining so that more odor arises.   


Be careful with fish odor of the vagina!

A really striking smell of the vagina after fish is not a good sign. He points to a bacterial vaginosis. And that really stinks. It is a basic manual for the transition to Gynäkologen who can help here fast. From alone does not go away!


Intimate Odor: What acts "from within"

Women have no influence on the natürlichen hormonal fluctuations, 'Let the intimate scent vary the während the cycle. It is different when taking antibiotics. It can affect the vaginal flora and thus verändern the smell. Often überschätzt the influence of Food. Again and again Gerüchte grown up around pineapple and its positive impact on Körpersäfte and their smell and taste. If that simply would, wären pineapple securely popular than bananas or à "apples. but are not they.

The smell of urine however, already not ändert itself irrelevant by different food and Getränke. Over coffee, for example. Slight loss of urine or nachlässiges wiping at a distinct smell of urine so it can also affect the intimate scent. Anyone who drinks a lot of water can prevent that. Because much "run" softens the Urinmief.

By the way, makes pubic hair guides for a minimum of air between the labia. Who is quite smooth, sweats faster when the skin folds lie directly on each other. And where more is sweat, caused GerГјche faster. Who lГ¤sst growing times, can make your own judgments about how or whether the nose with or without hair, with the same "wash" makes differences.  


Intimate Odor: So act Unterwäsche and panty liners

Often unterschätzt how much wearing synthetic Unterwäsche or panty liners and binding to the origin of the unpleasant odor intimate effect. is Grundsätzlich to say about it: The vagina needs just air as the rest of our skin. Otherwise they start to sweat. And the fördert odor and bad guides for the Scheidenmillieu. Cotton lässt circulate air and absorbs moisture better than synthetic fabrics. All good guides for pussy's aroma.

This is called as: Dear from time to time change the BaumwollschlГјpfer than pack the vagina more and seal.

Also, panty liners or binding - perhaps with fragrance - can leave irritating the skin. The superabsorbent in the deposits that will absorb the moisture are also not tolerated by all women and form a foreign odors. And who lässt too long in panties, offers a good Nährboden guides for the proliferation of unhealthy bacteria. Guides for the vaginal flora a disadvantage.

On napkins and panty liners made of cotton or silk skin reacts like a normal BaumwollwГ¤sche and everything remains neutral odor in step than with disposable products. Silk even has healing effect on the skin. The natural fibers also wear wГ¤hrend in the rule to not intensify the individual odor in the negative sense. Guides for the use of menstrual cups that applies at least as. 

What also helps!

Instead schämen us guides for something Natürliches, we will send Simply drop back inside a few loving thoughts of their own vagina and remember them with appropriate care and attention. That's what she deserves!

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