Discounter Aldi plans to open an online store in 2017

Alsi North sold soon onlineInternet sales at Aldi Nord: The discounter plans to open an online store
Photo: iStock

Aldi plans to offer its wares online in the year 2017th The first country in which the Internet sales of Aldi is tested, Belgium. Fresh products are excluded.

The discounter Aldi Nord now wants to sell via online shop its non-food items. Until now can be seen on the company's website view the products, but not order. That should change now.

As a test market, Aldi Nord has not Germany but Belgium chose. During the year, the Internet sales should begin in our neighboring country.

Aldi Süd, however, sold in the UK its products via online store - and has been for some time. However, customers can order only non-food products and wine online here.

The discounter brothers the countries have shared between them - only in Germany they relate to each other in direct competition. Whether that's the reason why they start in this country no online stores? When an Aldi's online store opened in Germany, is in any case still unclear.

Archrival Lidl offers its customers some time to order the products online - at least non-food products. Some goods even sold online exclusively Lidl.

Who wants to order groceries on the Internet, can draw on Rewe or Kaufland. The two supermarket chains now offer also supply of fresh produce, which are delivered to your door.