Week Horoscope – Capricorn – for the current week from 10.23 – 29.10

Dear Capricorn, you will have success in the hand with Jupiter!

These constellations are now important to you.
Cheap: Venus (Trigon), Sun (sextile), Mercury (sextile), Jupiter (sextile), Neptune (sextile)
Rather critical: Uranus (square), Pluto (conjunction), Venus (square), Mars (Square)

From an astrological point of view, this week is impressive. Sun and Mercury They are smiling at. They are your driver. And then there's Jupiter, which provides for one or the other succeed. Everything is easier on your hand and you get to know your simple page. And that is the key to your success.

My good advice

The Sun and Mercury are sextile to your sign. You can empathize well with the situation of others, which is a great help just this week. And because this is so, you now fall to positive. It is quite possible that new friendships arise. With Mercury and Neptune You have a good sense of who it thinks honest with you.

For you to think

The major rivers need little water.

Albert Schweitzer

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