Are your euro coins worth more than you think?


Are your euro coins worth perhaps 1,600 euros?

Look at your euro coins exactly - there are some coins in circulation that are worth collectors up to 1,600 euro! We'll tell you what to look for.

A two-euro coin is worth exactly two euros. One would think. But this need not be so! If you pay attention to the subtleties, you can discover real treasures among them!


The most valuable euro coin

The special stamp for the 25th anniversary of the death of Princess Gracia Patricia (aka Grace Kelly) of Monaco. It looks like:

Today: Monaco - 2 Euro 2007 "25th anniversary of the death of Queen Grace Patricia Kelly"

- Catawiki_Coins (@Catawiki_Coins) July 30, 2014

25th anniversary of the death of Princess Gracia Patricia 20,001 copies of this coin were minted, the smallest circulation among the two-euro coins.

No wonder it is extremely popular among collectors. 4,000 coins in 2007 for visitors to the exhibition "Les Années Grace Kelly" retained and even for visitors one of these coins already cost 110 euros, even later due to high demand 150 euros.

The remaining coins went straight into the coin dealers where they were first traded for 50 euros per coin. But who knows, maybe someone has even once wasted and accidentally issued: Today collectors provide up to 1,600 euros for one of these coins! So look the same in your wallet, whether as a has crept in with you!


But there's more ...

On the euro coins can be seen on the value side of the map of Europe. But the EU expanded in 2007: Romania and Bulgaria joined the EU. That's why the map of Europe depicted changed.

Are your euro coins worth more than you think?Are your euro coins worth more than you think?


Do you see each old coins with old Europe map. Right is taken into account on the newer coins EU enlargement.

From 2008, all euro coins should show the EU's eastward expansion, but not all mints they were aware of - and these coins went into circulation accidentally. There are collectors who pay up to 600 euros for new coins with old Europe map.

So a closer look at the wallet's worth it!

You found a striking two-euro coin with you? Here you can look up the value of your coin. Search your coin and click below on the specified dealer. Look to see what the demand for such a coin. And then off to Münzprofi!


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