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Lubricants, lubricants, anti-freeze: Vaseline can do much more than you think! The ointment-like mixture is suitable as a care product and household helpers. These 20 things you can do with Vaseline.


Why Vaseline must for every household

1. To remove eye make-up

Expensive facial tissues have served! Mascara, eye shadow and Co. the last hour or so suggests when you spread a little Vaseline on a cloth and abschminkst your eyes with it - how convenient!

2. shine for cheeks

For a nice glow - especially in summer - you can distribute a little Vaseline on your upper cheeks. It not only looks beautiful but also nourishing, nor your skin!

3. extend perfume fragrance

Your favorite fragrance always flies by so fast? Then rub before spraying a little Vaseline to the desired locations (such as neck, chest, wrists). this oily "document" stores a fragrance molecules - for a long-lasting scent experience!

4. color and gloss for lips

Vaseline is a great alternative to Lipenbalsam. If you additionally zerbröselst a colored eye shadow and will mix with petroleum jelly, you'll promptly making fashion a sebstgemachten lipstick - and that too in a shade, the only guarantees you - perfect!

5. When peeling

A Peelig makes your skin gets smooth and removes dead skin cells. Even for that you have to buy a separate exfoliant, but can create it for yourself: Mix some salt, the sugar in the Vaseline and rub over the desired skin, then wash off, finished!

6. tame eyebrows

If your eyebrows stick out crisscross again, hift a little Vaseline to tame them. Vaseline applied to the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush comb over it and enjoy the sight 🙂

7. combat dark circles

Who has to deal with dark circles and shadows that can gain with Vaseline mitigation. In moderation regularly apply and admire the improvement - great!

8. Smooth hands and feet

You wish for beautiful hands and feet overnight? No problem! Rub bedtime generous with Vaseline, put thick socks or gloves and enjoy the next morning about the Band feet and hands!

9. For a perfect manicure and pedicure

Who delights in colorful nail polish, knows the problem: The nail polish is not only on the nail, but also around it - where it can be removed only with difficulty. We can prevent, if we apply to the nail prior to painting some Vaseline. The paint does not adhere to the fatty substance and can be removed easily when the nail is getrockent - a dream!

10. Take off the ring (if he "stuck")

Especially when it is warm, the fingers swell ever - and the ring no longer fits. Help gives - you guessed it already - Vaseline! Grease on the fingers and already misses the ring - just awesome!

11. Rub Squeaking doors

Clear, against squeaky doors help special oils from the hardware store. But let's be honest: who has the home already ?! 🙂 We also do not need, if we have ready Vaseline. Simply rub the affected area and then listen to the quietschfreien rest ...

12. Against dry hair tips

Who has to contend with dry hair ends, may resort to Vaseline. massage a little in the affected areas, finished. And to all women with short hair: Vaseline is also suitable as gel substitute. If you would at home has already ma ...

cremen 13 knees and elbows supple

Brittle elbows and rough knees are uncomfortable and see in the summer just is not nice. Quick remedy gives Vaseline: Gegentlich rub and benefit from the long-term effect.

14. Against crow's feet

Against crow's feet to help many night creams. Might be. But Vaseline is probably the most effective (and cheaper) method, the laugh lines to get wise. rub on the wrinkles daily at bedtime.

15. Frost protection for door seals on the car

The sensitive sealing car doors can also use some Vaseline cure. Instead of relying on chemical products, a Vaseline-layer rubber against cracks and frost damage helps.

16 (smooth) impregnating leather

Who would like to changed the life of his leather shoes, they can rub before wearing with Vaseline. It acts as an impregnation is water and dirt repellent - something to be desired? 😉

... suitable as a lubricant 17. Yes

With Vaseline flutschen not only rings in and out (. S, item 10), but also the penis, a vibrator or dildo. But beware: The lubricant should use Vaseline only without a condom because it can damage it.

Grease 18 zippers

Terminal end zippers now belong to the past! give Vaseline on a cloth and rub on the zipper.

19. Remove the adhesive and paper residue from stickers,

Who hates sticker residue will love Vaseline! Simply spread on pieces of paper and even they can be scraped off with ease - we love it!

20. paw care for dogs and cats

What (s. Item 8) to human hand and foot, for our four-legged paw and ... um ... paws. Especially with scattered salt in the winter, you can rub their paws before going for a walk with some Vaseline and so protect them from the animal unfriendly salt. Vaseline has just a heart for animals <3

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