Dirty Talk: Tell me what Dirty!


So Dirty Talk can make our sex better

Sündige Sex Tips: Sex Päpstin Anne West verrät as Dirty Talk works and how we can leave heiß make our loved ones so right.

To bring in words the hormones simmer ...



"Now I want to sleep with you"

A gerauntes "I want to sleep with you" or a gestöhntes "Fuck me!" Kicks more than anything else. Each has instilled has a Sprachzensor which include words certain "forbidden" in the native language file folders stored: The reason is a kind of "horror" effect in the brain.

These gehören all terms of Sexualität and Ambiguous as licking or climbing. Faced with sensual presented, "forbidden" Wörtern that süße shudder of the censor begins, the pulses are sparked the sex center of the brain, bubbling hormones.



Erotic or Dirty?

Wondering what exactly dirty talk? The "I want to fuck you, fuck me, it get me, Suck My Balls, bГјck you, you bitch," and so on and so forth. Dirty Talk porn are suitable stimulus words deep below the GГјrtellinie; the term has only (unfortunately) become established as a synonym guides for dirty talk. But no matter how dirty must Wortsex not be - manual for the VerfГјhrung is ambiguity refined than any plate uniqueness.



Ton going on Content

We pay in Gesprächen to seven percent to the content, 54 percent to the tone of the rest mediates Körpersprache. Find your sexy voice by imagine, to sit close to a microphone. Flüstern or whisper in a low voice. Think deep Töne and let loose the belly! Exhale, speak into a sigh: "I want to sleep with you." This is your bed voice.



Become persönlich

"I want to have sex - with you! Your cock is so schön, you're so exciting, your gaze turns me on ... "You, you, your hands him the Gefühl that he is sought. This is still the most effective aphrodisiac.



Up and down

"Working" verbally at his Körper up and down, do any Körperteil compliments and flüstern him what you like to do everything with it.

Dirty Talk: Tell me what Dirty!



"Sleep with me. Fetter me. Lick me!"

Praise whenever gefällt you something. Their words are like a Verstärker your actions! Now and then a comment à la "You lick as good" (if it is true!) Lässt him what you do both, perceive more intense.



MГјssen and willing

"I have to sleep with you!" Or "I want to lick you": The include words "shall" and "will" affect him exciting than a hand-tame "I möchte sleep with you" or even "I like having würde sleep you. "

Möchte, würde - way too much subjunctive, far too little Überzeugung - and what pops schließlich schöner as a drängendes promise waiting to be Einlösung?



Calling instead Questions

"Sleep with me. Fetter me. Fuck you "- the erotic power of the imperative lies in the desire that you give the command! For where the question "Will you sleep with me?" The detour Гјber takes his mind, one ends up "Fuck me" directly in the limbic system, it reacts immediately and without reflection.



Courage to Гњbertreibung

Whatever you say, write or stöhnen: Stack high. Free for "Basic Instinct": "It was the fuck of the century, gunslinger!"


Connection under this number: Telephone Preludes

a | The dream version

Erzählen it a (devised) erotic dream with him in the lead role. To create imagery, his imagination seals the rest of it.


b | The "I want ..." version

They confess to him with flГјsternder vote en detail what you wГјnschen he wГјrden he wГ¤re but only finally to you "I want you to undress me slowly ... help me into the stilettos and connect my eyes. And then …"You do not use dirty mГјssen include words - you only describe exactly what you see in your mind's eye.

Is he a good verbal erotic? Then tell him some games that your pussy is all wet, and ask what you now to do with it. Place the phone on speaker, if you benötigen both Hände to follow his instructions.


c | Fast number

Männer während work, have little sense guides for Liebesgeplänkel - the colleague könnte hören it yes! Keep it short: You only say something like "I want it tonight from behind" and hang up immediately.

Dirty Talk: Tell me what Dirty!



the PenisflГјsterin

There are three Empfänger at its Körper that respond to your verbal advances: in Verführung his left ear, which is connected with the emotional Hälfte his brain. foreplay his eyes, in which you hineinraunen: "I have to lick you now. Come over."

And just before and während lovemaking? his erection: Look at the penis with your bed look während you because you are him schüchtern all the Wünsche zuflüstern you würden never say your lover's face. It is claimed that the penis had his own head - that's right, and he hört also better than a man.



The word traffic light

Talk darüber how you want to talk über sex - with the red-grün game. One begins with a sexual term ( "vögeln, sleep, fuck each other"), who says other "red" download "bloß not!" Or "grün" download "yes, gefällt me."

"Yellow" means that not slams me like that, but is not a downer. You can even klären which practices you want to test by word-light. Blindfold? Grün. Anal sex? . It do red in the elevator? Och ... yellow. Here, tell dirty include words? Grün, grün, grüüüün ...

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