Phone Sex with your partner: So is it a hot number

Heißmachen on the handset

A long distance relationship is really difficult for people in love sometimes. Above all, the thing with the sex - to have to do without. Or maybe not? Phone is the solution.

You have before your partner try phone sex? Great idea - but tell him before any of it. In the run simply ensure that he is at the scheduled time at home and does not have a visit from his buddies. Otherwise, the whole point might have painful consequences, such as if he has just turned on the speaker.


Getting started is easy

Dont say ,let us Phone to have'But you start right away. The icebreaker question par excellence: "What are you wearing right now?" Then he will immediately notice in which direction it is call. he asks back, they may flunkern quiet. Her lover does not have to learn so that you just wear a comfortable jogging pants and a cozy sweater. He finds the red Lingerie with the tip very sharp to you? Then you say that you are wearing exactly this.


Photos for single heating session

Now is the time to start the unique prompts: "Take off your pants off! Barrel HIM in! "If he does not take the initiative to inform him about on its own, to which parts of the body you are touching. For single heating session, you can send him a photo of your stiff nipples. But be sure that you do not recognize the picture as a person but only your breasts can be seen. For who knows what happens to the image when the relationship does not hold times.


Creative by sex novel

How successful you are in phone sex, depends on your creativity. Therefore, it helps to read before a sex novel and borrow from some sentences. Because repetitions of same old phrases and prompts, bore him permanently. The result: Phone missed its target, it is not intended for Climax come. Even long speech pauses worry more that the desire dies down.


Close your eyes and head to the cinema

Connect the Phone Your eyes. So you can imagine my mental cinema an erotic sex scene with your partner and just have him describe in great detail what they see as happening. Consider briefly what his Favorite sex position is. There vibes from him even more when you describe them. Very important: Do not forget to moan. He can not recognize the twitch of your body you and your excitement, he does not see you, yes. Therefore you must tell your partner through erotic pleasure sounds, how hot you are on him.


Orgasm guarantee

Talk and moan at the end more quickly, ask him to commit itself to handle harder. Make him realize that you are about to come. You will notice, he thinks it will not be long and comes guaranteed orgasm . If he then ended the call rather quickly, do not be surprised. He probably needs first to the bathroom to freshen up. Just talk to the next phone call or goodbye on the common Phone-experience. How did we feel us? What was really hot? What was rather less mighty arousing? After talking about it with your partner, you can even decide together whether you off more often whisper something hot through the handset.