Here’s shortened period: That you can do if your menstrual takes too long

Sometimes it just comes inconvenient: the menstrual period. Fortunately, there are ways to shorten the period.

It is unfair. Some women have their menstrual period only three to four days, others may even have between seven to 14 days. On average, the period should last three to five days.

If your menstrual period regularly lasts much longer than seven days, which can have various causes. Stress, hormonal changes, but also a disease of your reproductive system is possible. To rule out the latter, you should clarify the leave from your gynecologist.

Sometimes, however, menstruation comes just inconvenient. Just before the holidays, for your own wedding ... there are many occasions where it does not fit one to have his day. Then there are two options: to postpone the period (how to do that, we explain here) or shorten them!

shorten periodThe period shortened - with these methods you get the go!
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In order to shorten the period, there are various ways and means. Natural and less natural. We put you on here:


By natural means shorten the period

The effect of this action is scientifically not proven. Yet many women worldwide and for many generations swear by it - and we can only recommend that you first try the natural route.

Even if it is hard - exercise and sports: We have to admit, when we spent our days, we feel after all possible (especially for food) - but not for sport. But maybe we should pick ourselves up. For sports and exercise during your day to solve not only cramping, but to drain away faster and the blood. But be careful if you tend to circulatory problems! (Read more: Sports during menstruation: I'm really good)?
Generally fit and to be athletic, can help to make your periods shorter and more tolerable to you long term.

Soothing warmth: That's what many of us already all right, because many resort to a hot water bottle or a Körnerkissen if they have their day. Normally we do this to solve cramps. But the heat will also cause the bleeding using faster.

The healing power of plants: Different plants should have an antispasmodic and circulation-promoting effect. Take them several times a day is best as a tea, or perhaps a pill.
Among the herbal remedies include chaste tree, which acts regulating cycle, raspberry and thyme act circulation, Makka root ensures a hormone balance and yarrow attracts your tissues and your blood vessels together.

Sex helps: Sex during the period - many women find that rather unpleasant. Supposedly can have sex with your partner or alone (masturbation) help to shorten the period - the main thing is you get! Because by the contractions at orgasm you lose blood quickly. And the shortened your days. (Here are some more reasons to have sex during your period.)



shorten the period of non-natural means

Before you grab one of these means, please talk with your safety's sake (women's) doctor. One should never rashly engage in its cycle.

The period with the pill shorten: The pill can shorten the period of a woman in the long run, some certain pills can also use the number of periods you have in years, reduce. If you suffer generally under your strong and long-lasting Bltungen, talk to your doctor about whether it would make sense for you to take the pill.
If you already take the pill and your period you inconvenient comes only because of a particular event: You can shorten your period help of your pill by you prefer your seven-day pill break by a week. So just listen after 14 rather than 21 days to take the pill. Your days then put in a few days as normal one, but in many women less and shorter. However, you should never take the pill less than 14 days and never make the tablet-free period longer than seven days in order not to endanger the safety prevention.
In addition, you can take your pill normal, but shorten the pill break a month ago. So take back after about four or five days. So you move your cycle so that you get your day in the following month a little earlier.
Finally, you can use the pill break easily skipped and take the pill, so to take the same start the next pack. That thy days may stay out completely for the month. but your next pill break should still be the usual seven days, never longer! There is also the get this measure to deal with side effects women, so speak in any case in advance with your doctor!

Other hormonal contraceptives: Similar to the pill you can proceed with other hormonal contraceptives, such as contraception patches or vaginal ring. Talk about it with your doctor.

Painkillers such as ibuprofenMany women swear by ibuprofen to reduce her period. The painkillers not only alleviates the pain and cramps, but to reduce the bleeding by up to half. For this, you should take one tablet three to four times daily. But be careful: 1. Never take more tablets than the specified in the package insert maximum daily dose. And 2. Ibuprofen is still a drug with side effects. We can only repeat ourselves: Talk to your doctor before you reach to this measure.

Your period remains off without you wanted it? It might be the cause:


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