Sex69 exciting sex position: This is why it is much hotter than sex

The 69 sex position is great for those who enjoy cunnilingus and fellatio.The 69 sex position is great for those who enjoy cunnilingus and fellatio.

Treat yourself to the 69 position! Really good sex with the best advice for the 69 position - for fans of cunnilingus and fellatio the perfect sex position!

69 is the perfect sex position for all friends of cunnilingus and fellatio. For because both partners meet in this position at the same time orally, it is so to speak, "two in one": He licks her while she blows him.

Since good oral sex can be very exciting, this position is not only a hot variant for foreplay. They met often, even without subsequent sexual intercourse both sides needs. Highlight included. Provided that both know what they need to do. Find out more about how the 69 position for you will be an outstanding experience!


69 sex position: How does it work?

Classically, the man lying down, the woman relies on him kneeling somewhat - with the head at the height of his best piece and so that her vulva his tongue can come to meet. Very intimate insights for a great openness and trust are important so that both can enjoy the whole. Who is up or down can of course be varied, and is absolutely a matter of taste. Also lying sideways is 69 possible.


How will the 69 Sexstellung especially beautiful?

Particularly pleasant this position is, of course, if both feel fresh in step, so previously like to briefly rinse or refresh with a damp cloth. Otherwise, it is crucial not to make too much in this sex position. If he frantically licking it off and it gives the blow anything can it mostly does not really enjoy both. Too much stimulation at once.

Women in particular find this double action is often stressful and therefore are bad to the climax. Therefore, it makes sense to alternate a bit.

When stimulated orally, it can, for example, stroking his penis and testicles or spoiled only by hand. So they can concentrate well on his oral skills and control their movements so that it is perfect for them. Maybe she even comes as the climax! The other way it can stimulate gently by hand, while now actively takes his penis in her mouth and adjusts to him. Maybe, until he comes. Unless both want to move on to intercourse. Through the bilateral oral sex, the insertion of the penis goes into the vagina of the 69's play often.

to want to come at the same time in the 69, is difficult in any case the timing alone, nor always desirable. Many namely enjoy the orgasm rather individually and will also gladly noticed how the male or female partner comes.


What can man at 69 Sexstellung do?

For the man is important to know first of all that he can push her penis is not too far down the throat. Very deep insertion as in Deepthroating is unprepared and unintentionally not only dangerous but also uncomfortable because it inevitably leads to nausea.

Therefore, many women prefer that the man is the 69 below, because they can regulate themselves better, how deep they want to take the penis in her mouth. He is on top though, the woman can the man's pelvis with her hands support to regulate the distance.

The 69 charges the man not only to leak. It can also stimulate his partner of course with your fingers or do both simultaneously. But please no wild clear after but gently gliding, slow increase, so the inside and the outside, which is well received. Anyone who is uncertain, it may ask to see and be guided his hand from her.

As for the pace of movements can the man be based on the movements of the woman. If it moves demanding, there must be more. Pulls them back, they will probably less or something else!


What can woman at 69 Sexstellung do?

It's not about continuously to blow a man at the 69th But it comes to simultaneous stimulation - first without sex. The blowjob is so quiet times be a hand job or start out as such. It always chooses the couple what it feels like. Many women enjoy oral sex better lying on his back. be changed as needed in this position and only to receive, that is totally okay. The 69 does not have to be pulled until both have come.


What places and furniture suitable for 69 Sexstellung?

Really comfortable 69 is only in the horizontal. A soft ground makes the whole pleasant and easy on the knees above the footwall and supporting points of the back of the lying down. The woman licking a small pillow under the buttocks, de vulva is more accessible licking.

Often go couples from 69 to about that only one is currently off. Especially if it is to go to the peak. Some get pleasure in a different position and change position and location. It depends, as always, depends on how long both can and want.


What should both in the 69 Sexstellung be better? 

In the sex position 69 or during oral sex in general, the woman can not become pregnant. That does not mean that the whole thing without risk. STDs transmitted in fact also through oral sex. Licking and when blowing. Therefore, for all with changing partners condoms and dental dams (leakage towels) announced. This should not take lightly is because unfortunately some of these diseases on the rise again.

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