Blue Waffle: illness or myth?


Blue Waffle Disease

Again and again the sprouts Myth of the Blue Waffle Disease on. Anyone who takes the trouble and the Internet for "blue waffle" scoured, met with incredible products and crazy images. There is the Blue Waffle disease is real or this is nothing more than an invented fairy tales?

One thing first: The Blue Waffle-Disease is a myth. It is neither medically recognized, under-researched. The only thing that endures in this context are the recurrent photos and stories.


The lie about the Blue Waffle

"Blue waffle disease" comes from English and has nothing to do with the Germans in the dough from the waffle iron. "Waffle" is a synonym for vagina and is intended to describe a sexually transmitted disease, can both women as well as men suffer from the. Allegedly, all those at risk who have a weak immune system or a lack of personal hygiene. A myth!


And what about the pictures?

Most of the photos are the result of a photomontage. Even if you want one or the other photo believe - in the best case This is a photo that is other sexually transmitted diseases is based.

In summary, this means that the Blue Waffle-Disease is nothing more than a myth - an internet myth that adheres still persistent.