Toys Rossmann now offers cheap mini vibrator

With a super offer for a mini vibrator, the Rossmann drugstore chain now speaks to all women. This should can the little toys.

It is no secret that drug store chains such as dm or Budnikowsky also sell sex toys. But it is just a very special offer of Rossmann, which enjoys on Facebook quite popular.

The mini vibrator own brand Preventivo costs just 12.99 euros. Do you use the Rossmann app, there's even 20 percent discount. Sensual hours at a bargain price so - but what can the device?


The Rossmann mini vibrator: That you get for your money

Small but powerful: The little toys can come up with three different intensity levels. In addition, you can still select from seven different intervals. In addition, the small purple vibrator made of silicone is water resistant. To use it, you need three AAA batteries. According to the product description, it fits thanks to its size in every handbag. With a diameter of 2.5 cm, the device is 10.3 cm long.

Online is already sold the mini vibrator. However, it should be available again soon. The reason for this onslaught is likely to be among others the Facebook post from Ross man who caused a quite a stir.

However, a short branches check the online store shows that the device in stores is still available. Let's see how long.

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