New FilialePrimark: New Store in Bielefeld will be opened soon

On October 26, 2017 has come: Primark opened its 23rd branch in Germany. The new store is in the shopping center Loom in Bielefeld.

2009 opened Primark for the first time its doors in Germany. then the first store was built in Bremen. Today there are Primark in many German cities. As of 26 October, Bielefeld will now have its own store. The shop is located in the new shopping center Loom, which will be opened also on 26 October 2017th

Primark: Opening of the new store in BielefeldOn 26 October 2017, the new Primark store in Bielefeld will open its doors. 
Photo: iStock

The shopping center was elaborately transformed over the past two years. Originally stood here, built in 1977 Citypassage. Around 110 shops, the center will now include after his conversion. 

the business over three floors extends. The Primark store will have a sales area of ​​4,450 m². One can imagine the size a bit better if you still have the info that there will be a total of 27 funds in the Primark store in Bielefeld. The chaos on a busy Saturday we dare not envision ...

Offering a full range of women's, men's and children clothes to beauty products and home products. With the opening of the store is also 216 new jobs. We are excited to see how Primark arrives in Bielefeld.