New iQoS Cigarette Healthy cigarette: Philip Morris introduces a new product

Philip Morris launches a new cigarette on the market.Philip Morris launches a new cigarette on the market.
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Philip Morris is the world's largest tobacco company. To his range includes famous brands such as Marlboro, Chesterfield and L&M. Now the manufacturer has introduced a new product.

Smoking is unhealthy. The tobacco industry suffers from the increasingly bad reputation, the advertising ban, the shock images. Why is clearly for a big company like Philip Morris: You must change something in their range, if they want to succeed.

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Now even CEO Andre Calantzopoulos will work together with the government to the end of the cigarette. A new product is needed. In countries such as Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany, it is already there: There Philip Morris brought something new to the market now - the healthy cigarette.

juxtaposing healthy and cigarette may sound paradoxical. The tobacco manufacturer declares: The new cigarette tobacco is not burned, but only heated. At constant nicotine content by 90 percent fewer pollutants to be released.

"IQoS cigarette" the new product is called, which is heated in an electronic holders and thus settles somewhere between conventional and e-cigarette.

The iQoS cigarette may be a less harmful alternative of healthy yet there can not be associated with tobacco use, however.

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