Zodiac properties: About the Sagittarius – 23:11. to 21:12.

Sagittarians are very goal-oriented and like everything - except a standstill. Which Zodiac properties Sagittarius-born make out, Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Sagittarius?


The Zodiac properties from Sagittarius


Your element: The fire as a primary substance of all life. The element is the symbol of spirituality and divine inspiration.

Your Ruling Planet: Jupiter as ruler of the sky.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). That makes you a more extrovert.

Her strengths: They are optimistic, open-minded, idealistic and intoxicating.

The ideal destinations for you: Sagittarius babies feel in cities like Cologne, Avignon and Budapest well. In terms of countries they prefer Spain, Yugoslavia and Australia. They love to wander through lush landscapes.

Your personal lucky charm: The color purple, lapis lazuli, ash, horses and mimosa scent.

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Zodiac properties: The shooter in love

In the love the ingenuity of a shooter knows no boundaries. He feels about exactly whether his partner at a certain time would like more tenderness or more passion and fire.

Shooters are, according to their Zodiac properties Dear artists who meet the body of her partner with music and bring to the blades and their own. For them there are no taboos. Who more about the lust and fervor wants to know of contactors, only a book about Tantra and the Kama Sutra needs to take at hand. Protect need a lot of sexual activity in order not to feel frustrated, and they are quickly aroused.


Zodiac properties: The shooter in the profession

For shooters is a job more interesting the more exercise, freedom and independence it offers. On job , in which he has to sit all day and only take his head does not come contrary to his zodiac characteristics. The right mix of exercise and mental creativity is the lifeblood of a fulfilled and successful career.

Travel and everything that has to do with tourism in the broadest sense - couriers, bus driver, ticket inspector, Animation, hotel managers, travel journalist, foreign correspondent, interpreters, foreign secretary and so on - are, according to their Zodiac properties therefore popular Sagittarius areas.

The second favorite subject of contactors is according to her star sign characteristics Sports . They are like professional athletes, sports instructors, referees, sports journalist, sports official or coach, and they have, if they are engaged in trade, like to do with sporting goods. Even if it seems at first as if it job nothing Sports to do often develop points of contact in the course of the activity.

Then include, according to the Zodiac Eigeschaften from Sagittarius and helper jobs to their dream activities, whether it be as a priest, psychologist, therapist, astrologer, special education, social workers, bystanders or management consultants. As optimism about the Zodiac properties from Sagittarius heard it is easy for them to spread a quantity of strength, hope or consolation. Even the medical profession is, so to speak laid shooters in the cradle.

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Sagittarius?

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