Zodiac properties: About the Virgo – 24.08. to 9.23.

Virgo is adaptable ready reflexive and selfless. Which Zodiac properties Virgin births make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

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The zodiac sign of Virgo properties:

Your element: The earth. The element is primordial element and acts as the bearer of life, major donor and mother of harvest

Your Ruling Planet: Mercury in the evening as a symbol of divine message and higher reason

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That makes you a passive, introverted people.

Her strengths: They are reliable, caring, factual and lively.

The ideal destinations for you: Virgin births feel in cities such as Nuremberg, San Francisco, Melbourne well. In terms of countries you prefer Switzerland, Turkey and India, because you love hills.

Your personal lucky charm: The color of olive, amber, apple tree, cat and myrtle.

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Zodiac properties: The Virgin in business:

Because the Virgo the job take not as a burden but as their provision is part of life as eating, sleeping or breathing, is simply admirable work discipline. You can reset all the rest, to devote himself entirely one of the other or made by themselves task. Of course, so leaves little impression. Along with their reliability, they are perfect for the job of a secretary or a secretary of the Chief of Service and all other activities with service character. They are awesome to optimize work processes.

What in the Zodiac properties the Virgin still impresses is their sense of reality. No other zodiac signs makes no more illusions and considers present and future with such sober eyes. You can count on, and two and two is for them just four, and not four or three and a half.

Also noteworthy are their keen sense of observation and her great sense of systematics, planning and order. A virgin is a a truly multi-talent You can basically everything, and makes basically everything well. But it must be supported by a sense of a greater whole. The more comprehensive this overarching whole thing is that it serves, the more it grows itself. It is the servant who thrives by helping his master's size.

The Virgin has according to their Zodiac properties also a strong tendency to health professionals. Sick to help corresponds to their desire to do something meaningful. to give sufferers relief to maintain them healthy, to comfort and, if need be, to accompany them to the brink of death, while they follow their calling. Virgos are beside scorpions and fish the best nurses, doctors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners.


Zodiac properties: The Virgin in love:

The Virgin is more than others interested in Life technologies - but that needs to be emphasized, not soulless 'number acrobatics'. Rather practiced at the Virgin lovemaking the same thing that they otherwise tried in life: to control their emotions, but not to prevent this time they, but to cultivate. The Virgin makes love and learns to always do better because they her virginal "Controlletti" never completely off: She feels with, is attentive, does not fall into a seemingly unconscious sense wobble. It is as if they would learn to play a beautiful instrument, as if they would go into a love school. Curious as a child, she studied her body and of her beloved partner, experimenting and trying to find out in which areas of the body, the stimulation is the most fun and prepares content.

Their own sensitive spot is the belly - from the abdomen to the chest. Stroking or delicate touch with the lips, tongue, with hair or feathers and kisses on the belly button make it even a virgin hard not to fall in love ecstasy. A circular massage the abdomen with a sponge and soap chasing her shivers down your spine. Ever shower or bath are the right place to enjoy the erotic play with Virgin to start, because this Adam and Eve respond to everything that has to do with cleanliness and neatness. However, illumination making love is not for them. Virgins are and also like love not in the spotlight. Steamed candlelight in the bedroom and bathroom and soft music create the perfect setting for sensual hours and meet the Zodiac properties of Virgo.

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Virgo?

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