Zodiac properties: About the Pisces – 20:02. to 3.20.

Fish migrate between two worlds of feeling back and forth: on the one hand, fish love alone, but on the other hand, they also search for security. Which Zodiac properties Pisces-born make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the fish?


The Zodiac properties of the fish:

Your element: Water, the primordial substance of all life. It is also the symbol of the sense of adherence, which is about the intellectual power.

Your Ruling Planet: Neptune, the god of the seas.

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That makes you a more inward-looking people.

Her strengths: They are mysterious, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive and understanding.

The ideal destinations for you: Fish-born feel in the cities of Worms, Basel and Rio de Janeiro well. They love countries like Iran, Ceylon and Brazil. On most fond of traveling to the coast or on an island.

your personal lucky charm : Sea Blue, Belladonna, Dolphin, Kalmus fragrance, amethyst.


Fish in a job:

Pisces babies need a lot of time in most cases until the job found that corresponds to them, they like and where they then do something. Until they hit him, they often take temporary solutions and work as a taxi driver, temporary waiters, an extra in the theater, in film and television. It brings nothing if parents have on their fish Children pressure or despair because they with twenty or even thirty years stays still "right" To do your job. A fish has to go his way. In line with its Zodiac properties he has to go with the flow, which carries him. Fish have sometimes found only forty or more years their profession.

It is also one of the typical Zodiac properties of the fish that they start something and not finish. Yes, it's right going to the Pisces nature. Pisces is a watermark just like Cancer and Scorpio. The element Water symbolizes in astrology the ability to resonate to take feelings and moods and to be touched by them. So fish often take jobs in which they can live their compassion for others: You wake up in hospital beds, care of inmates in prisons, help drug addicts or mentally disabled train. In addition to her famous sixth sense, typical of the Zodiac properties the fish belongs. Quite a few fish make it their profession and medium soothsayer or the like.

to locate the person, diseases and their causes and cure fish draw people from an equally mysterious source. Because of her Zodiac properties and this large, natural virtue many fish to see alternative practitioners, doctors and natural supporters of alternative treatments. Another domain fish hugging man is science. Where it comes to most abstract relationships where one is the last secrets of matter on the track where thinking penetrates into the infinity of space, uses Pisces energy.

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Fish in love:

The fish is a born loner type Steppenwolf (male edition) and Princess Turandot (female role). Even if it occurs in the pack, he keeps to himself, follows his own path and proclaimed to all who want to know that he on&# 39; s To be alone stands. On the other side of the fish-born, signaled very clearly that he is lonely and needs someone who takes care of him. This contradictory, complicated message makes it lovers arg hard to get fish to them. you go to them, they feel persecuted, it leaves them alone, they do not feel loved. In addition there are a thousand ways to hide and disguise: Basically, each fish is in accordance with its Zodiac properties shy, shy, so relationally a real sensitive soul. But the Pisces man likes to play the iron-hard bloke (like the fish Bruce Willis or Niki Lauda for example). And women like to give yourself cool and icy (similar to Nina Hagen). This makes the form friendships even more difficult, and there is therefore the relationship ability of the fish with respect to the weaving of contacts only a three-minus.

are for its binding ability&# 39; s different grades, depending on how long the partnership has lasted. During the first month is the fish the greatest: sensitive, loyal enchanting, loving, courteous. And therefore he deserves an A +. Is the honeymoon over, the fish is only silence, then silence, more and more distorted, goes its own way, drifts, is unknown disappeared. There is a smooth four. As the average results after Adam Riese, a two to three. Well, so can be&# 39; s life ...

The sex life the fish is as complex as this Signs of the zodiac themselves. Their incredible psychic sensibility makes them appear as a sexual chameleon often. Fish are very sensitive in bed, do not want only their own satisfaction, but also the beloved partner. This makes them very interesting in any case.

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the fish?

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