Characteristics of the Scorpio Zodiac properties: About the Scorpio – 24.10. to 22:11.

Scorpios tend to inconspicuous - but only for camouflage! Which Zodiac properties Scorpio-born make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Scorpio?





The zodiac sign of Scorpio properties:


Your element: Water as a primary substance of all life. The element is that you rely more on your sanity.

Your Ruling Planet: The Pluto as a god of the underworld.

Their polarity: Minus (or female or yin). That makes you a more introverted people.

Her strengths: They are fearless, unfathomable, solidarity, energetic and passionate.

The ideal destinations for you: Scorpion babies feel in cities such as Munich, Dover and Washington well. In terms of countries they prefer Lapland, Syria and Morocco. You like the jungle.

Your personal lucky charm: The colors black and red, the black Edeltopal, fig trees, snakes and musk.



Zodiac properties: The scorpion in business:

Scorpions tend according to your Zodiac properties for unobtrusive - but as camouflage. They are similar in the real scorpions in the desert, which are adapted in their coloring of the respective soil conditions. Scorpio people want to remain anonymous, they shy away from the public eye.

They belong to the water element, which means that they only below the surface, at depth, reveal their nature. Other signs of the zodiac are like the center or at the top of the action, argue that face the spotlight, looking for recognition and enjoy the feeling of power. The Skorpionische causes, according to the Zodiac properties something else, namely restraint.

Scorpions work with preference in appoint , where courage, strength and perseverance are needed. When it comes to life and death (for example, accident doctor, midwife), are typical representatives of this zodiac sign in their element. Play in an activity room of the soul, the magic, the occult a role, scorpions are in accordance with their Zodiac properties it also addressed.

Works that have a special human proximity to the content (for example a nurse), and occupations related to insurance, especially life insurance, the bond market or the administration of estates are also typical for them.

They are found primarily as the notary, in Erbgericht or on the registration office. Is the good of the family main theme of a work, the scorpion has found an appropriate field of activity here as well when it comes to secrets to tradition and law to waste processing and environmental awareness. Requires a professional compassion for the sick and the outsider, the scorpion in the right place feels. For that is his according to his zodiac characteristics talent .

Characteristics of the Scorpio Zodiac properties: About the Scorpio - 24.10. to 22:11.



Zodiac properties: The scorpion in love:

the typical Scorpio is very easily excitable. Even the slightest irritation of their sensitive parts of the body - the abdomen and genitals - makes you crave. When Scorpionman a tight-fitting briefs and at the Scorpio woman a certain kind is enough to strike his legs.

Delicate, breathy kisses are not for scorpions. your kiss is stormy, conquering and not only wants to take the mouth of the pleasure Partners in possession. So the typical representatives of this zodiac sign are true masters at the appropriate sexual practices.

Squeamish she's not giving up during lovemaking, the men and women Scorpio. So stay its partners as a reminder of hot nights ever blue colored love times. Because suffering and passion join for them not: Scorpio love is always "all or nothing"Is ecstasy and frenzy, the exploration of unknown depths, a perpetual game of power and submission.

When choosing the "crime scene" is a soft, comfortable bed not in the first place. make scorpions sex , where they just feel like doing, whether that's on the kitchen table, in the bath or on the living room floor.

As a supplement maybe a hint: Scorpions are according to her star sign characteristics not absolute in the category of lovers or lovers, the downloaded gymnastics all positions of the Kamasutra, have to try the most exotic love toys or would be interested in extreme experiments.

Not even close! Sexuality is a bona fide Scorpio according to the Zodiac properties elixir, he believes from the depths of the soul that it can prolong his life forever. Sex is a sanctuary, a feast, a celebration, a meditation. Therein lies its strength in bed, that he did not bargain for any positions or mirror must hang on the ceiling. His sexuality is "from the abdomen", Not from the head.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Scorpio?


Characteristics of the Scorpio Zodiac properties: About the Scorpio - 24.10. to 22:11.



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