Zodiac properties: About the sign of Libra – 24.09. to 23:10.

The scale is considered balanced, harmony needy and diplomatically. Which Zodiac properties scale-born make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the sign of Libra?



The zodiac sign of Libra properties:


Your element: The air than anything connecting primary matter of life. The element stands for strong Intellektbetonung and sociability.

Your Ruling Planet: Venus as an expression of spiritual love.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). This makes you an active, extrovert.

Her strengths: They are just graceful, subtle and balancing.

The ideal destinations for you: Libra babies feel in cities like Frankfurt / Main, Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro well. In terms of countries they prefer Germany, Japan and Tibet. They like the combination of beautiful landscapes and large cities.

Your personal lucky charm: The color purple, aquamarine, lilac trees, butterflies and roses scent.

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Zodiac properties: the balance at work:

Scales are in accordance with their Zodiac properties the top seller in the world. You smell from a distance whether a customer wants to buy something or enters their store for other reasons. If you buy one with a balance, you can be sure that you take something home that fits into one. Scales put yourself in other people - that's one of their Zodiac properties You slip into the skin of their customer or business partner. You sensing him to search his brain turns and smuggle into his secret desire department.

Her size talent , to be able to empathize with others, to guess their wishes and intentions, Libra-born capable of course not only for job the seller. Even as psychotherapists, management consultants, politicians, diplomats find your profession. Those who enter the practice of a balance, feels immediately recovered, recorded welcome.

For the same reason people with the will Libra Hairdressers, masseurs , Estheticians or work in the hospitality industry. It is always their goal, others happier, kinder, happier, more satisfied to make a relaxed, beautiful - and in this they are born masters of their craft. Even their greatest potential - their enormous creativity, their genius talent for art, her unerring taste - derives ultimately the rooted deep in their Zodiac properties desire of the scales for a better world, meet the people in respect and love.

What to see more, hear, touch, smell, taste, raise their aesthetic sense and their creativity . All the big and small creative acts, from the immortal work of art about the layout of a newspaper to artfully streaked eyeliner a mask in the film, were and are often made of Libra people.


Zodiac properties: The scales in love:

The scale is the champion at the partner and relationship game. For bonding and relationship skills, scales get an A plus. Anyone can be lucky, as they partner to have found or partner. And yet there is a problem: Because weighing her own feelings according to their Zodiac properties Reset always behind that of their partner, they relinquish what is essentially important for a relationship, namely a healthy dose of selfishness.

A typical balance is to know how long it may take until she finally protested once. She always sees the other first. First, do not feel your needs, but those of the partner. This is in the sense of the Zodiac properties perhaps the biggest drawback of the wonderful, balanced, harmonious balance - that they do not feel at the crucial moment one's own feelings or not dared to articulate them, out of consideration for fear of doing the partners hurt her wonderful At home , which is called love, to destroy and lose. Put yourself in the other person even if she does things that hurt her deeply.

When a relationship fails, the always experienced the scale as a personal failure. Because they experienced from child as guardian and savior of love, love means to them and task fulfillment, it loses when a relationship fails, their safety, At home , their purpose in life. After a separation, it is therefore important for each scale-born to work on themselves and to absolve themselves of alleged guilt and failure.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the sign of Libra?

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