Zodiac properties: About the Aquarius – 21:01. to 2.19.

Aquarius is used for special tasks. Which Zodiac properties account for Aquarius born, an astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Aquarius?


The zodiac sign of Aquarius properties:

Your element: Air as a symbol of the divine breath of carrying life.

Your Ruling Planet: Uranus, the divine forefather.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). This makes you an active extrovert.

Her strengths: They are human, modern, free, unconventional and inventive.

The ideal destinations for you: Aquarius babies feel in the cities of Hamburg, Trento and New York well. They are fascinated by Sweden, Poland and America. Especially volcanic landscapes have done it to you.

your personal lucky charm : Purple, Date, Unicorn, cypress scent, turquoises.


The Aquarius at work:

Each Aquarius has anything invented, thought of something - or he is dreaming at least expects to realize his invention of a day. Originality to be different than the others to follow his creativity - this is one of the typical Zodiac properties from Aquarius . Seventy percent of brilliant people have either the Ascendant in Aquarius or Aquarius born.

The wake spirit of Aquarius-born research constantly looking for new opportunities, changes, improvements, renewals - another of the Zodiac properties of Aquarius. The impossible does not exist for him. You just have to look at from the proper perspective, make a change, restructure the whole thing differently - and an answer is found. On the moon land? No problem! Artificial Life in a retort testify? Also to create! And maybe, the Aquarian spirit in a hundred or even a thousand years before the pill for immortality invented: Most want to leave their dead bodies or their brain freeze and try to overcome the time limit of their earthly existence as the people are determined Aquarians.

In line with its Zodiac properties belong to a world of Aquarius, of course, the entire computer technology, the Internet and modern transportation technologies as they come, for example in the aerospace industry.

But they should know: The caged they are, they are so unproductive to be. An activity in which each handle is prescribed exactly makes them sick. At least the work they have to determine yourself! Equally annoying one for them boss , which requires them what they have to do and leave. It's best to work with others, just as creative and independent people as they themselves are. The word team must have been invented by an Aquarius. colleagues , that can not control each other and discipline, but help their creativity , to trust their ingenuity - that is the realm in which the Aquarius runs in top form, which corresponds to its Zodiac properties.

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Aquarius in love:

feelings and passions touch the water men, but never dig it on so strong, as is the case for example with the watermark Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Because of this, Aquarians usually enjoy an inner harmony and serenity, despite her of Zodiac properties are after quite uncertain and even more anxious. Also always keep a certain distance from their feelings and analyze them almost as something alien, not (to them belonging"My gut tells me now that I'm pretty pissed off ..."). This does not mean that they are cool or numb. They allow everything. But the conductor of all their feelings and moods is her spirit - and not just any reflexive, autonomic nervous system!

Like any air sign and this is easily contact and thus a partner . On solo or single-Wassermann transmits through each pore of his body signals: "I'm free, I'm going to have, I would like; If you also feel like, let us do something together ..." And at his ingenuity will always find ways and means to make the first move so that the / the other does not close - a typical star sign characteristics of Aquarius.

On the subject sex concerns, Aquarians are undoubtedly the most permissive, most tolerant and most experimental. Any taboos do not exist for them. Solely the man himself determines what is allowed and what is not. If something is fun, it may not be illegal in the eyes of Aquarius. Of course, the respect for others is always paramount. It has to be both fun, that's the only restriction. Since new positions tried, and if you&# 39; s like maybe something comes sadomasochism added; always provided that the mutual consent. On the edge of all the taboo subjects we must move already. This of course also means that you can run free his sexual fantasies, researched them and fully put into practice.

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Aquarius?



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