Zodiac properties: About the Leo – 23:07. to 8.23.

Lions are real winners types - they are self-confident and determined. Which Zodiac properties Lion babies make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Leo?



The Zodiac properties from Leo:


Your element: The fire. The element represents life energy.

Your Ruling Planet: The sun as a symbol of resting in the mid.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). That makes you an introspective and maternal people.

Her strengths: They are self-confident, generous, warm, natural and creative.

The ideal destinations for you: Lion babies feel in cities like Koblenz, Rome and Bombay at home. they spend their holidays like in countries like Italy and France - as well as the Seychelles irritate. Because lions love the beach about everything.

Your personal lucky charm: The color of golden yellow, palm trees, lions, cinnamon scent and diamonds.



Zodiac properties: The Lion in business:

Lions always get what they want - and more or less all their lives: first the right school, the right training, a great finally job . Here is the astrological sign Leo according to his Zodiac properties neither extremely ambitious, yet it has an exaggerated fanatical work ethic. Especially not reach their goal by Lions lousy machinations. Her secret sounds very simple: you are confident of yourself - and show it.

No lion-born should do something he is not entirely convinced. It makes no sense. Sooner or later, he does make what he wants. Lions have to be there with her heart, affirm what they do in their heart of hearts out, their job to be worthy. And that's a good thing: Lions should their Zodiac properties remain faithful. For others, may seem as if they were spoiled, proud or arrogant; However, for the lion is a work to which he can not confess waste of time, toil and trouble.

On the other hand, no one can operate like a lion when he is convinced of his actions. He is a blessing for every company, every company, every store, every practice, every bar or wherever he acts and he adds his actions automatically a personal touch and a trace creativity added: As a bartender he mixes the drinks with brilliant, breathtaking momentum. As a nurse, he distributed other than pills a quantum vitality. Even if he works on the assembly line, more than a monotonous movement where they exit guarantees: a smile, more fun at being a little show. This also makes the Zodiac properties from Leo out.

Zodiac properties: About the Leo - 23:07. to 8.23.



Zodiac properties: The Lion in Love:

Lions are very passionate Lover . This is due to their Zodiac properties. For in her arms one finds pleasure pure, the touch of her skin releases a kind of magnetism that attracts a strong, sinking deeper and can ask for more. The Leo exudes a sensual scent that awakens memories of our Urvergangenheit. lust and passion are just as inexhaustible as everything with them. Lions are the sexfreudigsten representatives of the zodiac (Except maybe the scorpions). Of all its structurally they need more frequent and more sex than other zodiac sign.

The lovemaking a typical Lion infants usually runs in three phases. In the beginning he is doing, as I said, to conquer, so to get the other to hear from him what he's a great lion, and finally wild with his booty in a orgasm to merge - and then to exhaustion always to repeat this game again.

In the second phase, all depends on how playful the partner endowed shows. It does not matter what you play, the conquest, the subjugation, the I'm-not-to-have- that separation game, but it has to be creative and increase the pleasure. In the third phase, an amazing change takes place at the Lions from: He has found confidence, he knows where he belongs, he loves his partner and of course his family, he has one. And thus its need for love is largely covered. He is happy, satisfied, he purrs


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the Leo?


Zodiac properties: About the Leo - 23:07. to 8.23.



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