Zodiac properties: About the Aries – 21:03. to 20:04.

Aries always want your head against the wall. For the ram, there are no obstacles, only challenges. Which Zodiac properties Aries babies make out, astrologer Erich Bauer has compiled for you ...

Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the ram?

The Zodiac properties the ram:

Your element: The fire, as urgent and enlivening element. Competition promotes obstacles challenge.

Your Ruling Planet: Mars, the god of war. He is also the symbol of procreation.

Their polarity: Plus (or male or yang). This makes you an active and extrovert.

Her strengths: They are combative, idealistic, energetic, cheerful and spontaneous.

The ideal destinations for you: Aries born like the cities of Berlin, London and Copenhagen. They like to travel to countries such as Ireland, Canada and Burma. They love deserts and volcanic landscapes.

Your personal lucky charm: Red, spruce, wolves, rosemary-scented, rubies.

Aries at work:

Aries prefer to work where it is about initiative, challenge and leadership. They can be found there, where designed and constructed and artistic work important is. When it comes to self-expression and arrives at the initiative of the Aries-born is in his element . Because that is his Zodiac properties.

The activity of a manager or entrepreneur is literally written Aries born on the body. In other words: A manager must that of which a ram entirely according to his Zodiac properties dreams, and also gets money , usually a lot of money: he is jetting around the world, he develops projects, pitching new businesses off the ground - and he holds to nowhere, but leaves the tedious legwork other. A manager always lives at war. The competition is everywhere, Tab is one of the most important concepts in his standard vocabulary.

What can ram yet? Of course, they work like everywhere where it comes to speed and danger: as an emergency physician, Sanka- or test driver, Detective, policeman and fireman. Aries are excellent doctors, especially surgeons and dentists. Also, the teaching profession is Aries feel strongly attracted. Towards children may come into play prima their spontaneous nature. Aries are excellent craftsmen. In the metalworking industry or in the auto industry you meet a lot of successful release in Zodiac sign .

it must be stressed how important for Aries dynamics, challenge and variety. From him, to expect the spirited creature of spring, all his life long to do the same handle, is a disgrace. according to his Zodiac properties he wants to initiate, set the tone, lead. Either he is self-employed, or he needs a job, will be rewarded at the initiative and he can ascend. After the cliché of a civil service that does not look straight ahead.

Zodiac properties: About the Aries - 21:03. to 20:04.

The ram in love:

Those who dream of a peaceful, harmonious idyll of two, Aries should avoid prefer. But who is looking for a vibrant community that, then quietly and very tenderly like life sometimes loudly and dramatically again, is a little better than life together with the ram.

On top of this man looks - whether man or woman - the other principle as its prey: "This man (or the woman) I want to have, no matter what the cost!" There is therefore nothing more passionate, more colorful, more exciting, breath robbing Deres, but nothing more strenuous than the pickup a ram. Which now corresponds to the time Zodiac properties the ram. Of course, the advances of an Aries woman is never such a right as a man's. But with their female weapons - eroticism, seduction game, feigned weakness, retreat and attack - reaches the Aries-Dame ultimately exactly the same.

Aries men are one hundred percent convinced in bed the best one. The females of this sign of the zodiac like to boast of their special joy of sex and the love. Aries belong to fire element . And fire is a symbol of passion. And Aries are the most fiery fire sign - therefore they are also the most passionate. On top of that Aries consider the sex just like anything else in life: It's also about who's the best. Therefore, a night is a ram always something special: It is necessary to break records, win a new championship.


Zodiac Quiz: How well do you know the ram?


Zodiac properties: About the Aries - 21:03. to 20:04.

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