12 signs that you are absolutely not ready for a relationship


Relationship? No thanks.

Love movies try to convince us that our personal happiness a relationship belongs. This is not true: These signs indicate that you're not ready for a new love currently - which is perfectly fine.

No, we do not need a relationship to be happy. Even if we want to convince many of them love movies and subconsciously put ourselves with a lot of pressure. From uncertainty following a fall quickly into a partnership in which perhaps is not happy - just not to be alone. It can sometimes be good to admit that you're not ready for a relationship right. If you recognize yourself in these points again, take your first bit of time - if we are willing to love there comes by itself.

1. You have the need to take care of yourself. Everyone is allowed to be selfish times - when you stand it and the time consciously takes for himself. This need should be heard especially after exhausting relationship.

2. you feel sick when you make someone compliments. Please, please, just do not flirt with me. These thoughts come to your familiar? Stay fairly and openly admit that you not feel like a relationship, do not have a flirt.

3. You love to flirt. Or it runs the other way around: You are constantly looking for the next adrenaline rush in the form of a nice - but please rather short - flirting.

4. You draw a party a date before. Friday evening? Party time! Your assigned girlfriends do not envy - on the contrary, the idea of ​​a couple in the evening you'll find yawn boring.

5. You love freedom "tindern". For you, there is nothing better than a glass of wine and the latest Flirt app? Listen to your needs and live out of you.

6. Your Ex still plays a big role in your life. If the ex is still very present in our lives, has a hard time a new partner - we will always compare it. Ending either for him or for us well.

7. You love the freedom, the bed not having to share. but it is also comfortable to sleep with outstretched arms and legs!

8. The relationship dramas your girlfriend enough for two. When you hear the latest dispute your assigned girlfriend, you ask yourself, why did you ever done such a thing.

9. You trust no one ... except yourself. A new partner will have difficulty before you learn again to trust others.

10. You feel still attracted to the "bad boy". You fall in love again and again in the wrong person. It is enough: Take a break and Love will you realize what you really want.

11. Looking for Prince Charming. Does not exist. Many romantic comedies have your picture of a partner so much illusion of that relationship can just go wrong.

12. You are feeling dust. Accept that you have a love burnout. Also, if you like not currently believe it because you feel empty: You do not have feelings. You have just deliberately withdrawn, so you can focus on yourself. The right partner will conjure the right moment again when you are ready to engage you in a new relationship.