Flat Bauch5-minute abdominal workout: Belly away with only one exercise!

If you freihätten one wish what would you wish for? A flat stomach, perhaps? And with only one exercise? Sounds too good to to be true - but it is! The 5-minuteabdominal workout Veronica Gerritzen makes it possible.

The most well-known exercise for a sexy mid: crunches. Let's face it - who has not ever crawled half the evening watching television around to vain to wait for the long-awaited Sixpack ?! Crunches may be the best known, but not the best method to train his belly. All celebrity defiance: Crunches work only half of our abdominal muscles, preferably the upper. But - a single exercise is enough to shape his entire abdominal muscles.

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The secret: deep muscles

The 5-minuteabdominal workout This not only saves time but also nervous. Unlike most of the exercises, the focus here is on deep muscles. Take the quadruped one, pay attention to a tight midsection and breathe alternately on and off while they continue between the various stages of the air and the abdominal tension for a brief moment.

Sounds simple, but it's not! Underestimate the abdominal workout Not. Already after the first exercise execution, you will find that it this abdominal workout has it all!

You do not want to bring your belly but your whole body in shape? Trust them to the classics such as push-ups and squats, which always work.