Reverse crunches for a flat stomach


Abdominal exercises off

Sit-ups we know. And crunches too. But reverse crunches? Even more effective and easier. With only an exercise for flat stomach.

The summer is coming, but the bikini figure can still waiting for? No panic! There is a single exercise, the reverse crunch, which conjures a flat and toned stomach within weeks. Prerequisite: a low carbohydrate diet.

Crunches - yes or no? Together with the Sit-ups Crunches are the most effective exercises for building abdominal muscles. While in the so-called sit-ups the upper body is completely lifted, only the upper back, including the shoulder blades is lifted from the ground at crunches. When Reverse Crunch (in German: conversely, opposite), it is the other way around: The upper body remains on the ground, only the legs and buttocks move.



The correct version


Insert search on your back and bend your legs. Then lift it so that lower leg and thighs are perpendicular to each other. Place your hands on either side of her body from or slide it to Unterstzüngung under your buttocks. Now lift your buttocks off the floor. Be careful not to fall into Holhkreuz.

Reverse crunches look simple, but highly effective. After only a few repetitions you will notice how the reverse version of the classic crunches requests your abs. Three sets of ten repetitions are enough to make your stomach sommerfit. Hello summer, hello Bikini Body!

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