Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks


Healthy lose weight with Slim in his sleep

Permanently lose weight without yo-yo effect is on our eating plan easy. Remove with Slim in his sleep 10 kg in 4 weeks.

Finally decrease and all without yo-yo effect is a cinch with the successful concept Slim-in sofa. If you remember the combination of nutrients in eating plan keep your body shifts into Fettverbrenn turbo. After the 4 weeks you feel more comfortable and are your ideal weight closer.

How it works&# 39; s:

Eat three times you tired of the day with our Slim-in Sleep recipes. With our Eating plan and the associated advice is the removal of its own accord. Important: Between meals, you should have a 5-hour dinner break comply, otherwise the so-called "Fattening hormone" produces insulin, and must be prevented.

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set goals

You are our engine and help us endure. Tell you for. B. "I would like to look at myself in the mirror and I feel comfortable in my skin!" or "If I made another 5 kilos, then I'll buy a new dress!", Small rewards ensure success and provide the necessary anticipation.

dietary changes

Diets often make only thin and then thick again - here it's different, because the principle of slimming the sleeper based on a change in diet and not prohibitions. So you lose a sustained excess pounds - and eat your fill anyway. Of the Weightloss diet: In the morning carbohydrates, noon everything like. And in the evening protein-rich foods.

Motivation is everything

Illustrate is the magic word: if you did one day, then you can cut a piece of tape and see how it shrinks by the day - just like your weight.


The Slim-in-sleep-eating plan


CARBOHYDRATES MAKE SATT After an overnight fast you need to replenish your glucose memory. This works best with bread, cereal and fruit. Animal proteins such as milk, eggs, sausage are taboo in the morning because they increase the insulin (fattening hormone) in addition. Eat your fill, so that you the 5-hour insulin break well survive can. Good Appetite!

Recipe for coconut muesli with exotic fruits

Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks

so goes&# 39; s:

  • Boil 100 ml coconut milk in the pot shortly, stir until smooth and leave to cool.
  • Peel ¼ papaya, cut in half and remove with a spoon the black seeds. cut flesh into thin slices. Peel ½ kiwi, cut in half and cut into slices. ¼ Kaki cut into slices.
  • mix just before serving fruits and 50 g coconut Knuspermüsli and act in a shell.
  • 30 ml soy milk and coconut milk pour.

Nutritional information:

Approximately 420 kcal; E 7 g, F 25 g, 39 g KH

Having lunch

EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED Thanks to the high-carb breakfast you probably need no snack. Now your body is converted to activity and preferably processed carbohydrates in the mix with protein and fats. So grab it! Plus calorie drinks and a small walk after lunch will get your metabolism all the right moves.

Recipe for curried chicken with potato wedges

Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks

so goes&# 39; s:

  • mix 2 tablespoons soy sauce with 1 teaspoon of curry powder.
  • wash 150 g chicken fillet, pat dry and cut into strips. mix with the marinade, 1 hr. can be drawn.
  • Peel 380 g potatoes, cut into slices. Fry potatoes in 1 tsp oil approx. 30 min.
  • 300 g mixed vegetables, eg. As broccoli and beans, cut into pieces. In 100 ml vegetable stew al dente.
  • 10 g roast almonds. Remove the meat from the marinade. 1 tsp oil for about 8 minutes. Fry, salt and pepper. Rest admit marinade just before end of cooking time.
  • Potatoes with salt and paprika spice. Remove the meat from the pan. Drain vegetables, give the brew into the meat pan, let simmer, cause.
  • For dessert, 1 pear cut into small pieces, mix with almonds.

Nutritional information:

Approximately 786 kcal; E 58 g, F 21 g, 88 g KH


WILL THE FAT BURNING UP TO SPEED In the evening there&# 39; s protein pure in all variants. Combine every protein servings at least 500 grams of vegetables or salad. The sooner you eat dinner, the more time your body to drive the night fat burning to the top and to obstruct absorbed nutrients.

Mixed vegetables

Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks

so goes&# 39; s:

  • Chop ½ clove garlic finely. ½ dried chilli pepper crumble. Garlic, chili, ½ teaspoon fennel seeds, salt, pepper mix with 3 teaspoons olive oil.
  • 1 cut stalk celery, 125 g cauliflower, zucchini ½, ½ red pepper, 1 red onion into bite size pieces.
  • The vegetables with the spiced oil mix and place on a sheet of baking paper. packaging together with 1 cinnamon stick to a packet and tying with kitchen. In a hot oven (electric oven: 200 ° C / convection: 180 ° C) and cook about 40 minutes.. Stir 250 g fat quark with some mineral water smooth. ½ Paeck. mix mixed frozen herbs. Season well with salt and pepper.
  • Remove the vegetables packets from the oven, place on a plate and serve with the cream cheese.

Nutritional information:

Approximately 390 kcal; E 41 g, F 14 g, 17 g KH


Movement as a real metabolic Turbo

Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks

Strong muscles

Any type of regular exercise has a long term effect. It does not matter whether you drive or bike Special strengthening exercises , because your muscle mass increases either way over time. The beauty: Sun rises your basal metabolic rate. The body burns so during the day (even without additional activity) increased energy. Because muscles still not working, fat - therefore it is said: build muscles!

Here you will find different exercises for individual problem areas:

get rid of love handles: These four exercises help

On the back slimming: Bye bye, back fat!

well planned

Everyone is different: Are you really awake in the morning for a jog or start off you rather gentle with Pilates in the day? How do you einteilst you your workouts is up to you. Optimally about 3 x 30 minutes in the week. Carrying you the units into your calendar. So you'll always be remembered.


A moving everyday ensures that flab disappear quickly. Choose small time gaps in which you can take action, such as waiting in line at the box office, while brushing your teeth or tram. So you invisible to other z. tense as your stomach, stretch your legs while sitting or concentrate on your breathing. A pedometer makes it easier for you to keep track.


Relaxation provides short breaks in everyday life

Slim in his sleep diet: lose weight 10 kg in 4 weeks

Stress makes you fat

If you stand permanently under pressure, then this disturbs your hormone balance and your body clings to its fat stores. To a weight loss program relaxation heard so so. Treat yourself small breaks in everyday life, where you come to rest and develop more serenity for the day can. So your hormone levels remain in balance.

Become mindful

Try to focus on the here and now and not let yourself be distracted by little things. Make you always aware of your actions and feelings. If you succeed, then you can manage to be more relaxed and more resistant in everyday life.

commute into balance

Simply just stand and let your arms hang loosely at his side. Your gaze is directed forward. Start your body to move with little momentum to the right and let your arms resonate. Just as with the left. Repeat the exercise as long as you're doing feel comfortable. Perfect for relaxation!

Breath deep

Breathe twice from as long as you breathe in (for. Example, 7 seconds and 14 seconds). It is very easy and relaxed immensely.

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